'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

21 April 2011

I Am A Heretic

I read a post by Larry Correia the other day about taxes and the deficit called Happy Tax Day. It was a fantastic post by a man who has the chops to talk intelligently about the subjects. The post got picked up by quite a few blogs, including at least one of the liberal slant. It's worth a read as well as his followup, especially the comments.

My long time readers know my feelings about engaging the blind left in discussion. It's a recipe for frustration and indigestion, nothing more. Still, the lure of battle cannot always be denied.

I'm a rather simple man. I tend to see things at their most basic. Some accuse me of a lack of intelligence or more often of lacking sophistication. I mostly disagree with that assessment but frankly, there's a certain amount of truth in it and I'm Ok with that. I have a good handle on who I am and what my strengths and weaknesses are. I value common sense and intellectual honesty above degrees and an ability to tear down someone through a sense of superiority and a tendency toward self aggrandizement. Sharp words and an extensive vocabulary do not give one the moral high ground. I may have difficulty expressing complex thoughts and ideas but I can generally get my point across provided the person I'm talking to makes an honest attempt to understand what I'm trying to say instead of looking only for places to attack me. I used to joke about one of my Chiefs. When you talked to him he just watched your lips. When they stopped moving he knew it was his turn to talk again. The modern left is just like that except they don't wait for you to stop talking, they just shout over your voice.

Correia is hardly alone in his experience on this topic. Ed Rasimus has pounded the pulpit of fiscal responsibility for a while now as has Borepatch and many others I regularly read on my blogroll. The responses from the left are disgustingly similar. Here's how Larry characterizes them. I think he's spot on.

"The interesting thing was that the vast majority of the liberal responses followed the same basic formula, over and over and over again.

1.Find something to attack about the messenger.
2.Ignore or cherry pick whatever parts of the argument you feel like. (heck, you don’t need to have read it at all!)
3.Use step 1 and 2 to prove your intellectual superiority over the messenger.
4.Dismiss the argument.
5.Repeat until nobody dares to deviate from the group think."

If I had one idea I'd like to pass along to those on the left who engage in this kind of sophistry it's this. You keep trying to convince people that the problems and solutions are complex when really they're quite simple. The current debate on the budget deficit is a prime example. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that no one, be it individual, family or nation, can live beyond their means. We can argue about where the cuts need to be made and how deeply but the basic idea of the value of a balanced budget is pretty simple. You're like the mystics of old or modern day cult leaders saying,

"This is all too complex and hard for you to understand. I will interpret the signs and wonders for you and tell you what they mean. All you need do is follow me and I will lead you to paradise. True salvation only comes in doing as I say. Anyone who disagrees is evil and must be burned at the stake. Dissension will not be tolerated."

Individuality is the problem with this of course. Anyone who sees things differently is a heretic and any and all means of silencing them is justified. Just as the cult leader cannot tolerate opposition neither can the left. Logic, facts and appeals for rational thought fall upon deaf ears. Marching orders and formulaic responses the weapons of choice. Is it any wonder why so many of us refuse to be drawn into argument and debate?

I love a good argument. I'm not the most gifted debater in the world but I do enjoy the pursuit. The problem is I haven't yet found someone who's willing to actually have a back and forth discussion. Screeching at me that I'm too stupid to get it or too evil to be trusted with an opinion and a voice isn't a position, it's an invitation to a fight and frankly, I'm just too tired of the game to take you up on the offer. I tune you out as soon as you open your mouth and that's too bad because I know there are liberal voices out there worth listening to and engaging. They're just so covered by the white noise of the chanting masses that they can't be heard.

The debate about the deficit and the budget isn't really a debate at all. It's an attempt at indoctrination and sleight of hand. You didn't really see what you thought you saw. Pay no attention to the repo man behind the curtain. Give us your checkbook and Trust Us. We know best.

The left in this country has become a cult with no room for rational thought or innovative ideas. No place for an honest exchange of views and opinions. Just line up, shave your head and hand out the leaflets while chanting "Hate Speech Leads To Thought Crime".

I'll say it again. There's just no value in conversing with such or attempting to convince them that they may be wrong about any subject.

Bah. Color me a heretic. I'll wear the sobriquet proudly and in very good company.



Borepatch said...

I think the Left's problem is that they're over-invested in pre-determined outcomes ("social justice", redistribution, group identity). Everything in their world has to adapt to the outcome.

The stress of continually having to justify everything must be intense. The only way to cope is to become Manichean in your world view: Good vs. Bad, especially about people.

Thus the focus on demonization.

It's sad, really, in what it does to them. It's pathetic when they try to do it to us.

Six said...

Thanks for the input BP. I'll be honest, a lot of the left/right dynamics are beyond me. I really do have an over simplified view of the world and the nuances tend to go over my head. I'm thankful I've got folks like you and Ed to keep me honest and make me think.

Ed Rasimus said...

At my age, the toughest part is making ME think. I can't worry about you!

But on a brighter note, after missing April 15 was Nat. Buy a Gun Day, I atoned by ordering a Smith&Wesson E-Series 1911SC today. I feel soooooo much better now!

Six said...

Allright Ed!! That is a fine pistol for a fine pistoleer. Now you need that holster.....

NE said...

Ironically, this is exactly how the left sees the right. However, the left is much less homogenous than you think it is.

Ed Rasimus said...

Already got the leather, Six. A Mitch Rosen USD-2 IWB and a Rosen belt. Third one down the page here:

Six said...

That's a nice rig Ed.