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15 March 2011

A New Puppy May Be Coming

I got a call from our breeder, Highland Labs, the one responsible for both Trooper and Chrisi. I'd called a few months ago inquiring about any upcoming litters. I was told that they would be doing some breeding in the new year and was promised a call when they were ready. Sunday I got the call. One of their bitches had come into season and is going to be bred some time in the next 10 days and was I still interested?

I thought it for about a half second. Well hell yes. I'm ready. I should know sometime in the next two weeks whether it took or not and if I'm going to be a new daddy. The breeder is in California so if all goes well I'll be making the trek in July or so.

I'm now on the list for first choice black male (it'll be a mixed color litter).

I think Trooper would be happy for me. I already have a name picked out.

Wish me luck.



Murphy's Law said...


That's going to be one lucky puppy, that's for sure. Not many dogs can be assured of such a great new home. Congrats to you and the pup.

WV: supgin. What you say when you run into Ginny.

Six said...

Thanks brother. For the first time since I lost Trooper I'm really excited about a new dog. Frankly, seeing how happy you and Murphy are has had a lot to do with it. I know how much Lagniappe meant to you and I figured if you and Murphy could bond so well so could I and a new pup.
Thanks again and know that you and your new boy get a hell of a lot of the credit.

Kanani said...

Oh, I love labradors. I can't wait for you to get this one.

The DO said...

Wish we could be there for the sibling visits! I think Brendan is going to lose his mind when I tell him, though I will wait till it actually happens. Still, I'm glad you are ready. Troopie was such a great dog, he just wanted you to be happy, and he would never have been happy if he thought you were lonely!

Love you

Murphy's Law said...

It does take time, Six.

Murphy is not Lagniappe (and he'll never be--he's a different dog) and he and I aren't near as close as Lagniappe and I were. But there was a time way back when and I said the same things about Lagniappe, comparing him to Oliver, the Shepherd who came before him.
It takes time to get that real bond formed. Don't expect it to happen overnight. The new dog will look "dumb" compared to Trooper for a while, but then one day you'll realize that the new dog's pretty sharp on his own merits and you'll grow close over time.

But I'm glad for you, and the new dog.

Six said...

Thanks Kanani. Once a Lab lover always a Lab lover and there's nothing cuter than a fat Labrador puppy!

When I get confirmation that it took Jen, I'll call and let you guys know.

That's good advice ML and I really appreciate it. You've been my spiritual guide through this journey and I promise to remember your wisdom my friend.

JihadGene said...

Hell yes, LOOONG time!!!

Six said...

Thanks Gene. I appreciate all the support you guys have given me on this decision.