'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

03 March 2011

I Humbly Accept

Murphy's Law at Lagniappe's Lair has tagged me with this Stylish Award. That means I must
tell 7 (ish) things about myself that most people do not know and then tag 10 (also ish) others I read regularly and deem worthy of such accomplishment.

1. I once worked as a dishwasher and cook at a JB's Big Boy restaurant. I got fired for refusing to do something the manager told me to do but he later rehired me.

2. I wanted to be an Oceanographer at one time in my life. I even became a certified diver. Then I figured out that I really don't care for swimming and you know, that seemed like a bit of a problem.

3. I like David Bowie (I am sooo embarrassed). Young American is still one of my all time favorite songs.

4. I've been hit on by guys. Once on duty in uniform.

5. I'm great with color and patterns. Lu and the DO always consult me on any big painting and quilting projects. I could be an interior designer. Really. Is there a pattern developing here?

6. I'm a huge klutz. I constantly fall off things and collide with hard/sharp objects. I regularly bash my noggin. I've had at least 3 major concussions, one when I was hit in the head by the boom on my grandfathers tractor. I've got scars everywhere, especially on my bean which actually explains a lot.

7. I'm a hopeless romantic. I married Lu twice. I used to watch the DO when she slept and still do the grandkids. I cry during sad movies. Not chick movies but Old Yeller, Red Dawn, The Shootist, Brian's Song and other manly but emotional fare. In spite of what I've seen and done my faith in humanity and America is still strong. I am completely unafraid to tell my family and friends that I love them and I always mean it. I have few close friends but I keep them for life.
8. I write in my spare time. Many of us are closet writers so I guess I'm in good company. I've written 2 complete novel length stories, Earth America and Gray Wolf. Both are on my hard drive where they will stay forever. I've started a new one called Champion. I've written many short stories. No, you cannot read them. They're blindingly awful.
9. I used to drive a Vega. A tan one.
10. I have never eaten Sushi.

I guess someone is going to revoke my man license now and with darn good reason. On to the next suckers...er, I mean worthy recipients. I know many of you on my blog roll have already been tagged and I tried not to nominate you twice. If I got you again or somehow missed you I apologize but it's all in good fun. Remember, I love you all.

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Kanani said...

David Bowie rocks....still!
I think after a childhood of Jacques Cousteau, we all wanted to be Oceanographers. It was part of a great era. I did too!


innominatus said...

That pic of David Bowie sitting on the couch getting friendly with Mick Jagger pretty much ruined it for me.

Borepatch said...

We all cry at Old Yeller. If you don't, you ain't no good.

Miguel said...

Thanks.....I think... for the nomination.

And... at least you didn't drive a Pacer.

Theredneckengineer said...

Heh. Just noticed that the link to me in this post doesn't work.
I guess that means I'm exempt!