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18 March 2011

The Kids Are Gone, It's Time For The Adults To Play

The range session with the kids got Lu and I in the mood for an adults day so we loaded up the truck with some tasty bits and headed for our secret shooty place in the Arizona Strip. We decided it was a good day to familiarize or re-familiarize ourselves with some old friends as well as some newish ones we hadn't yet had the chance to experience.

From left to right;
AK47, Mini 14,Winchester 94 30-30, Marlin 336 30-30, Springfield 03A3 and a sweet little Stoeger Uplander 28 gauge.
Lu with the Stoeger in recoil, the smile already plastered on her face. I bought this shotgun on a whim after an encounter with a 15,000 dollar gun from Rigby Rifles. I knew Lu would love it and told her at the time she'd claim it as her own after shooting it once. Yeah, it's all hers now. That's a good thing. You can't buy a smile like that for any amount of money and bringing joy to my wife's life is both my job and my pleasure.
The 03A3. This might be my current favorite rifle and it's all thanks to Murphy's Law. He wrote a post a while back about his and after reading it I just had to have one for my very own. I absolutely love the thing. It's even more fun to shoot than my Garand and no pinched thumb. Thanks ML!
Lu with the 03A3, proof she's tough as a bag of nails and a hell of a shot. Trust me, you do not want this woman shooting at you. I try to be as nice to her as I can at all times.
My Winchester. Short, lightweight but still pushing 170 grains of lead out the barrel. It was easily capable of ringing the gong at 200 plus yards using the stock buckhorns. Still a mighty fine shootin' iron.
Is that squirrel giving me the stink eye?? Lu with her Marlin. I decided the Marlin fit her better than the Winchester and is more accurate. With the flat top allowing for easy scope installation should she ever decide on that route it makes a better deer rifle. Lu loves it.
Isn't she cute? Notice the good form. Like I said, don't piss her off.
The AK47. Lu shot it well but didn't really like it all that much. Neither did I.
This is a kit AK, built by Car Guy back when he was an FFL. I have admission to make that may make some question my manhood or at least my sanity. I don't really like the AK platform. I've been shooting the AR, both as the AR and the M16, since my days at basic in 1977 so I may be a bit prejudiced. That being said, while I like the cartridge I hate the rifle itself. It's ergonomics don't seem to be made for actual American sized humans. It's too short, the butt is too low at the comb and the recoil impulses are unpleasantly transferred to the shooter. The sights are crude and the trigger is atrocious. I'm going to dig into the mail order catalogues and get some new furniture and sights. Maybe that'll make me a believer but for now this one is going into the safe until the zombie horde is at my door. I'll keep it, mostly because I have a ton of ammunition for it, but I fear I'll never love the thing.
Die you commie bastards Die!!! It was actually way more fun to shoot it this way. That may explain a lot in the world where the AK is ubiquitous.
Lu and her Mini 14. We both like it. It shoots like most of the rest of her rifles and it's more accurate than advertised, as long as you don't heat up the barrel too much. She rang the 200 yard gong regularly with it. We're going to be working extensively with her AR and I think she'll make the transition but the Mini is still fun to shoot.
See, I had this 30 round magazine I needed to test. Yeah, that's it. Testing.
Though she's a natural right hander Lu grew up shooting lefty because she has trouble winking with her left eye and is left eye dominant. She's been working hard and I think she's got the issue solved. If you look closely her left eye is closed and her right eye is open. Proof that new skills can be learned at any age and any experience level.

All in all a fine day and a good time was had by all. Next range day I'm taking the new rig out for more break in time. Lu has this little H&R 20 gauge single shot that's her first (and so far only) impulse buy at the gun shop and she hasn't yet had a chance to shoot it. We need to correct that forthwith. Maybe some holster work as well.
Hey, it's going to be a great Summer.


innominatus said...

You had me as soon as you mentioned the Springfield. My grandpa sporterized one and it has earned the nickname "meat in the pot" with good reason. I have a funky old (pre-WWII?) scope on it right now that makes it look really mean.

Looks like a great time had by all!

Six said...

Thanks Inno. It's a great rifle and way more accurate than I am. It could even convince me to put the Garand away and I never thought that could happen.

Theredneckengineer said...

I have a love/hate relationship with any of the AK pattern rifles I've owned or shot. They are great for reliability, but uncomfortable, not near as accurate as any of my AR's, and firing them sounds like someone is beating on a metal trashcan. I keep a few around, and want to build a few just to enhance the collection, but I'll never love 'em like an AR, an M1 or a Garand.

Love the 03 Springer. Those rifles were works of art and are worth every penny.

The mini-14 is a beaut. I've got to get one.

Looks like fun, and boy do you have some beautiful scenery down that way.

Murphy's Law said...

Looking good, esp. that 03A3!

Got an AK here, too. It's primary mission is simple: Come the bad times, if I find myself needing to rely on help to fend off looter hordes from one of my non-gun neighbors--or better yet, a sexy single female refugee--then I can hand over the AK and a bit of simple instruction and assign them a supporting position.

Six said...

Thanks guys. I feel better knowing I'm not just being a big AK sissy. I kept reading about what a great rifle it was and how so many loved it and the first time I shot it I kept thinking "This? This is what the AK fanboys fuss is about?"
It's serviceable but I think it's going to turn into a truck gun or maybe a loaner.

Ed Rasimus said...

Ditto, double ditto on AKs. Give me an AR any day and if I absolutely feel the need for .30 then give me an AR any day...

Fred said...

My '03A3 is by far my favorite bolt action gun.

Six said...

I am definitely feeling better Ed. Some of my buddies here really gave me a ration. They're AK fanboys all. The fact that they're all inbred morons should have given me a clue I'm guessing.

That's because you have taste and sophistication Fred. Great minds think alike!