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30 March 2011

Baseball Season

The 2011 season begins tomorrow so it's time for my predictions. I know that all the gamblers out there have been waiting with barely concealed disinterest for my pronouncements so without further ado here are my picks for the new season.

American League. Who cares? It's the league of the Red Sox and the Yankees. I mean, it's got the designated hitter rule for Ghu's sake. Bunch of Philistines.

National League East. Do they still play Baseball out there? I'll take Taiwan. National League Central. One of the beer teams. Michelob maybe.
National League West. The only division that matters. San Francisco Giants who will win 160 games (They'll take a couple of games off at the end just to rest The Freak for the playoffs. Not that he needs it).
World series. Giants. The rest of the NL will forfeit as soon as they're paired against the Giants. The AL team will announce they're "Just glad to be there". I predict there will be a lot of crying.

So there you have it. An unbiased prediction based on an in depth study of the Giants and a quick glance at all the rest of those losers. You can take it to the bank. Seriously. Have I ever steered you wrong?



Ed Rasimus said...

As Yogi said, "It ain't over til..."

Watching the TX Rangers spring, I'm not hopeful of a repeat. They've simply dissipated the pitching that did the job for them last year. I hate American League DH, but I live where I live, so I've got to make do. My heart is always with the Addison & Sheffield crowd from the small ballpark and the Blake St. Bombers from my 20-year home in the West. Neither will be in at the end.

But, I'll laze in front of the TV with a Sam Adams for a lot of afternoons between now and October.

innominatus said...


I agree 101%!!!!!

But it would be extra cool if friggin' Zito could, like, suddenly remember how to get people out.

Six said...

Ain't that a just little slice of heaven Ed? A beer, a dog and a ball game on a hot afternoon. I'll hereby adopt the Rangers as my one and only AL team and hope for a repeat World series.

I watched Zito the other day in his last Cactus League start Inno. He actually looked pretty good. Maybe the new stache will add some velocity to his fastball!