'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

17 January 2011

Persian Gulf War

On January 16/17 1991 Coalition forces launched the air campaign into Iraq that proceeded the ground assault. It lasted 42 days. The initial air war was punctuated by the deployment of the F1117 Stealth Fighter to targets in the heavily defended areas around Baghdad. By the time January ended over 32,000 sorties had been flown with no losses of U.S. aircraft.

The ground War would begin in February and include 73 Easting, the largest tank battle since WWII.

Casualty figures for the War:
Number Total Battle Other
Served Deaths Deaths Deaths Wounded
Total 2,225,000 383 147 235 467
Army 782,000 224 98 126 354
Navy 669,000 55 5 50 12
Marines 213,000 68 24 44 92
Air Force 561,000 35 20 15 9

Those casualty figures are incomplete however. The effects of Gulf Way Syndrome continue to plague our veterans to this day. In November 2008 the VA finally confirmed the existence and ailments of GWS, 17 years after the fact. This is a good link if you're interested in more information. Of course even that isn't anything new to our veterans. Just ask any Vietnam Vet about Agent Orange.

A remembrance today of the men and women who served and especially those who gave their all.



LauraB said...

I wonder that Trooper didn't mention it...he was one of those tankers, having moved on from that Ranger tab after a few years. Seems he had a preternatural talent for the rig so they gave him command of one.

He doesn't talk much about that, either, really. Poor man - what he has seen in life I cannot even imagine...

Six said...

I'm not surprised that they did Laura. Those tankers are some of the best and brightest in the Army.

Whether or not he talks about his experiences, just knowing you're there for him is a balm to his soul. Trust me on this Laura. I'm glad he's got you.