'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

31 January 2011

Muslim Brotherhood

Like most of you I've been watching the events in Egypt unfolding. Mubarak is slime, pure and simple. He's what's known as a Strong Man and he and his party pretty much rule as opposed to govern. I couldn't care less what happens to him except for one little problem. The Muslim Brotherhood.

However this started, freedom minded citizens or power hungry wanna be tyrants, the insertion of the Muslim Brotherhood into the matrix changes the mix completely. Virtually every act of a modern Muslim terrorist can be laid at the door of the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Queda is nothing but an offshoot as well as most every other Muslim terrorist organization out there short of Iran. They are a Terrorist Organization, recognized as such by most every reasonable country in the world.

There's another word for terrorist; criminal. That makes a Terrorist Organization a Criminal Organization. Peel back the mask of any Radical Islamic Fundamentalist (RIF) and you'll find a common criminal peeking out. Muslim Brotherhood (MB) or Aryan Brotherhood (AB), there's no difference beyond scope and religion. They should be called Radical Islamic Gangsters (RIG) to be strictly accurate.

Now ask yourself if you'd like to see the Aryan Brotherhood involved in an insurrection. Care to see them out rock throwing and 'helping' to overthrow the government in say Germany? When all was said and done who do you think would end up wielding the bat after the dust settled? A bunch of students and shopkeepers or the gang who has demonstrated they'll stop at nothing to satisfy their own ends. Why does anyone think things will be different in Egypt now that the Muslim Brotherhood has openly joined in the fight? Remember, AB/MB, no practical difference at all.

I want the Egyptians to have what we have, an open and at least mostly democratic society. One where they are free to seek life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Allying with the Muslim Brotherhood isn't the way to that end. It's the path to servitude under a strict Muslim theocracy and ultimately a complete loss of their independent identity as Egyptians, swallowed up in the creation of a Caliphate.

A bullet between the eyes is no more than the Mubarak regime deserves but if the alternative is turning the government over to Muslim Gangsters then let's load up some JDAMs and do some selective targeting.

Oh and Mr. Ghadaffi? I hope you're shitting in your pants and praying to Mecca as you watch the news and contemplate an Atlas because bubba, you're next on their list.



Miguel said...

If the rumors are true about this administration being somewhat involved in the uprising and then it ends being nothing but an opening for the Muslim Brotherhood, Bay of Pigs, Pinochet and the Contras will be nothing but hiccups compared with the fecal storm that will come

Six said...

You said a mouthful Miguel. I wish I could say there's no way any administration could be that deceitful or stupid but with this bunch nothing is beyond them.