'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

11 November 2010

Veterans Day

Lu and I will work today. We will load and plan and worry. But we will remember and carry in our hearts the love we feel for all those who have served and are even now risking their lives in places most would dare not go. Your service and the memory of those who gave their last true measure of devotion shall never perish from this country. We simply will not allow it.

I am an American Veteran. I am proud of my service. I am more proud to say that my family, both by blood and by choice, have a long history of military service. May it ever be so.

To my brothers and sisters I say, I love you all. May America remember your sacrifices.

May every day be Veterans Day.



Brigid said...


Ed Rasimus said...

Have you noticed that Veteran's Day is getting more attention this year? Notice the places that are offering year round Veteran discounts? Have you seen all the free meal offers to honor a vet today? Have you noticed how often a news item shows citizens meeting a returning group of active duty troops? Have you gotten the emails or news items about someone somewhere quietly giving the nod to a cashier or waitress and picking up the tab for a couple of guys in uniform?

It is refreshing. It is American. It is a good sign.

In Texas this morning I was the Melissa TX Rotary Club breakfast meeting as the speaker. I was asked to lead the Pledge and I remembered to include "Under God" despite my early youth conditioning when those words weren't yet part of it. Then I spoke for half an hour and the people listened. They understand.

Hand Salute to all Vets today.

Six said...

Thanks Brigid and Ed.

I have noticed an upswing Ed. We went to the Black Bear Diner for a little breakfast this morning. The waitress asked if I was a veteran and when I said yes she gave us a free meal. It was an unexpected but very much appreciated gesture.

Yes. The very air seems clearer today. Boeing has a nice tribute ad playing. I've seen a lot of flags out. There's a brand new breeze stirring. It feels good.

Sarge said...

We went to Applebee's after the Parade and they comped my meal but not my wifes, still they did honor us in a meaningful way. I think that Golden Corral is offering a free meal for Vets the first part of next week. The last two years I have noticed an up swing also. Lowels, Home Depot both give a 10% discount to all vets 24, 7, 365.
Thanks for your service to all you vets and your families.
Thanks Six for the post. It does feel good, much better than that second trip home from the Nam. I had to break out the towel just to keep my cheeks dry. Don't know why just go real runny eyed there for a minute.

Six said...

We love you Pop.