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03 November 2010

Part 3 More Frame And Wheels

The election is over and california went pretty much as expected or maybe a but worse. boxer and brown won to no one's surprise. The insane proposition 25 that allows budget passage with a simple majority instead of a two thirds super majority teamed with a solidly democrat state house and senate spells financial doom for the golden state. Luckily Lu and I are on our way out and not a minute too soon.

Bah. I'm done with these people. On to more important things.

Ok, Insane Crazy Welder Boy here with more proof of my insanity.

The paint and sanding Faeries apparently decided to skip my house this week so I was forced to do the job myself.

First up, getting rid of the old paint on the frame. Tools? Wire wheel on the air grinder. Heh heh. I love power tools.

I decided on this versus sanding because of all that rust. Remember, this is a mild steel frame, not aluminum. The rust was mostly surface but needed a firm hand. You gotta let that rust know who's the boss or it'll walk all over you. Look, the crazy man is wearing eye protection again. Proving even crazy people have some sense.
It works very well though. Besides, it's all kinds of fun! See the cool work table? I made it out of a bar stool and a concrete paver. Yep, I'm that guy.
Of course there are some minor drawbacks to this method. See that wire? That's one of the wires from the wheel and it's embedded in my right forearm. I also got some in my face and all over my clothes. I looked like a metal porcupine. Propriety precluded taking a picture of the ones in my face. Besides, I couldn't figure out how to aim at my face without being able to see through the camera. I need to take up yoga apparently.
Here's a closer look at that repair, looking down on it from above. See? Rough but mostly straight. Mostly. It should be strong and that's all I care about so there.
All done with the paint removal and down to the bare frame. Have I mentioned I've never done this on a bicycle before? I have? It shows? Darn it.
I decided I needed to paint the bare frame, to get an idea where the problem areas were and to protect it from further rust. Yep, that's a can of OSH enamel. I had it on my shelf. It's cheap, sandable and covers well. This might be the final color. Unless I run out and have to find something else. I've gotta keep the costs down remember and that means using what I have wherever I can.
Really, I'm just cheap.

It needs a final sand, especially around the repaired area, but not too bad if I do say so myself and apparently I have to. Certainly no one sane person would.

The wheels were badly rusted. I thought I was going to have to replace them but the rust was all on the surface. I was able to power buff most of it off. I'll try lemon juice and aluminum foil for a final polish but I think they're definitely salvageable.

Hey, there's a wheel there! Now if only the hubs were going to be that easy. Sigh.

I didn't get to the worst, the rusty derailleur, crank set and the chain. I think all are history but remember that other frame I have? The one I hate? Yeah, it's got a good chain, derailleur and crank set. It's a single chain ring but beggars can't be choosers. Everything fits and I'm pretty sure the donor bike won't care.

Even if it does. Have I mentioned I hate that frame?


KurtP said...

I'm not sure if anybody's mentioned it before-BUT,
I don't think you're supposed to be welding on that soft steel in a structural area.
That's why they braze things.

But, if you're not BMX'ing, it shouldn't fold up on you like wet cardboard.

Six said...

Lu rides it so if it does fail she'll probably beat me black and blue.

Seriously, you're right Kurt. What I did was the only places I actually welded to the frame was at each end of the repair. I used a mig welder set pretty cool so the weld didn't penetrate too deeply. It's only to hold the pipe repair in place. Along the sides I welded the repair tubing to itself and relied on the structural rigidity of the steel.

Hopefully it'll hold without a catastrophic failure. If it doesn't I swear I'll never admit it.

Ed Rasimus said...

I've got just two words for you: Long Sleeves.

JihadGene said...

Long sleeves LOOONG time!!!

Six said...

Long sleeves is cheating. All true manly men love the smell of arc burned skin in the morning. Smells like....Insanity!

Fred said...

Looking good. You surprised me with that repair. I think for just rolling down the sidewalk it should be fine.

I am quite jealous of the air grinder, last time I stripped and repainted my commuter frame I just had an electric drill...