'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

26 November 2010

Man Cave

We're getting settled in pretty well. All the boxes are empty and most of the stuff is at least theoretically put away. Out of sight, out of mind.
No slacking on my part was allowed. I had to go down into the dungeon...er, basement and put the Man Cave into some semblance of order. The Mistress's orders. The space is 12 by 12. 144 square feet of manly privacy to finalize my nefarious plans and create my army of mindless minions. Bwaahahahaha!

Abandon All Hope...
I managed to get the ammo on the shelves. Along with some...clutter. But still, it's a start.
2 Gun safes that need to go somewhere.Crap all over the place and ne'er a house fairy to be seen. Man, those guys are lazy.
The reloading table becomes a usable space. Mostly. I got some good advice from Brigid regarding lead contamination so the Lyman tumbler isn't staying there. I'm going to construct a sealed chamber for it and do my brass cleaning outside or in one of the storage buildings. I've got my mechanical reloading stuff and manuals on the bench, brass, bullets and primers (for now) on the cabinet in the background and powder on the shelves, across the room. I'm going to bolt the press to the table tomorrow. It fits nicely. I can only hope the Dillon RL550B progressive that's in my immediate future will fit as well. The Stack On safe along with ammo boxes, soft cases and a SWAT calender. This is it's temporary home until I get some more de-construction done.
Shelves are basically in order. Well, order as I define it anyway. The Stack On will eventually go next to the Winchester safe over to the left there and the wooden shelves will be replaced with steel ones. All those boxes and cans? Yep, they're all full of ammunition for my various flavors of shootin' iron. If any lefties make their way in here relax, it's strictly personal use.
So there it is. The place has testosterone dripping from the walls. Lu will tell you it's ground water seepage coupled with poor house cleaning habits from yours truly but trust me, it's pure manly goodness. It smells of cordite, leather and awesomeness as any Man Cave should. I can feel my eyebrows growing together every time I go down there. I can comb my knuckle hair.
I can now start reloading again and that is a very good thing. I have seven #10 cans of 9mm brass that I seriously need to get busy on and that apparently ain't gonna load themselves. I'm short also on 30-30, 45-70 and .40 S&W as well. Plus there's that new 44 magnum recipe I've been waiting for an excuse to load.
No rest for the wicked.


innominatus said...

I absolutely HATE having to move my gun safe up and down the stairs. And you had to do it TWICE. Glad the move is working out for ya.

Six said...

Thanks Inno. Oh, my aching back!

Miguel said...

Damn...it is so nice to have a basement. Down here in South Florida you hit water if you dig deeper then 4 feet.

Six said...

I think the water table here is about 500 feet Miguel. It's DRY.