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10 November 2010

Part 4 Almost There

Car Guy came over yesterday and helped me change the Corvette's steering column and now it goes vroom vroom again. Which is kinda helpful since I need to put it on the car trailer and it really helps to have it, you know, running before I attempt that.
I'm breaking the seal on the wallet and renting a U-Haul trailer tomorrow. Between the two trucks and the trailer I should be able to load up the rest of the possessions. I figure we'll be outta here this weekend.
Here's Part 4 of Sweet Baby Schwinn in lieu of actual content.

We're getting closer.

This is the official list of new parts I just had to buy. Two 27 inch tires, two 27 inch tubes, two rubber tube protectors (the guy at the bike shop called them spoke condoms. He's a funny guy) and a set of cables. The pedals pictured are off my wife's Gary Fisher but it turned out they wouldn't fit (wrong size threads) so I went with the set off the donor frame. I also stole her old seat.
Total? $30.00.
Remember the cruiser handlebars off the donor frame? Remember how I said I was a cheap bastard? You do? Good cause I decided to straighten them, cut them off and make a flat bar out of them.
I absolutely love power tools. The real reason I did this project was just to justify owning them. I heated them up with my trusty oxy/acetylene torch and bent (And hammered. Let's not forget the hammering) them more or less straight then cut em down to a more human size.
I got this. A little bumpy but they'll work just fine and look okay once I get the brakes and shifter mounted. I hope. Of course I couldn't do this alone. I did have some expert help. They're taking a break here. Just before this shot they were all over that bike, slobbering on things and generally making themselves useful.
The frame needed some final finishing. I decided to smooth some rough edges with Fast Steel and a sander.
It's not fast and it's not steel but it is harder than bondo so...
Cut off a chunk.Knead it to mix in the hardener.And spread it on. You have about 15 minutes so you know, no hurry. BTW, fingers make great putty knives.
Time to sand. Woo Hoo, more power tools!
Frame's done. Time to paint. Lu had some very nice blue paint in the shed and there was plenty for the project so I....appropriated it. And hey! It's Rustoleum.
The fork. Please ignore that original yellow. The frame covers that up. I swear. I actually checked this time.
Painting the frame. Rattle cans. That's professional right there.
All the parts together in one place. Can you feel the excitement? I was still certain I was going to be able to use those pedals. Without checking to be sure. Hey, everyone is wrong occasionally.The wheels. I started out thinking I'd replace all the spokes. Yeah...not. Real budget buster. The funny bike guy said forget it. Just tighten them and let it go. So, new plan. Polish the rims and paint everything else.
This time I got some real help. Isn't she cute? Thanks sweetie!
Painted the hubs but still not looking too good. Gonna have to go further. Words to send a sane man screaming. Luckily, I'm not sane. Taping off the rims. Are we having fun yet?Ready for painting. Hubs, spokes, gears. I painted everything.And hey! It's a wheel. Whadda ya think?I'm going to post the final assembly and test ride later this week but here's a teaser.
The frame with the newly painted and tire shod wheels mounted.
Is it looking like an actual bike?
Will it work and ride?
Is this all just an exercise in humiliation?
Tune in next week for the final installment of Insane Crazy Welder Boy and find out.


innominatus said...

Bike is looking good, but Car Guy still needs to put a steering column on it.

Six said...

I've still got the one I swapped out of the Vette. Hmmm. That'd look pretty cool!