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15 September 2010

Virtual Koran Burning

I haven't commented on this whole koran burning topic because those smarter than I am have already covered it quite completely, thank you very much. But now we have this.

Now, I think Terry Jones is a headline seeking ass pimple but he's also an American. If he wants to burn a Koran, have at it. Ditto a Bible, a Torah even a flag. I don't like it but I don't have to like it. That's the point. It's been said countless times by better men than me but the First Amendment is there precisely to protect speech we disagree with. Again, that's the whole point of that particular exercise in American Civics.

Now we have the Iranian ayatollahs issuing a fatwa on anyone who burns a koran. I understand that those folks issuing death threats on people they don't like is as unusual as white bread at your local grocers but that doesn't change the fact that it is an overt act in an attempt to limit the free expression of ideas by a free people. I don't like it, not one bit. Not against Salmon Rushdie, not against the Dutch cartoonists and newspapers, not against the creators of South Park and not against Terry Jones.

So. Here's an open letter to the ayatollahs and anyone else who thinks they can curb my free speech by issuing death threats.



Is that clear enough? I am a free American. I tend to leave alone anyone who does me the same courtesy. You do your thing and I'll do mine and as long as everyone is of age, consenting and no one gets hurt it's all pretty much good. But. When you do try and limit free expression by declaring open season on those who do things you dislike I take exception. It takes a lot to rile me but I've had about all I can stomach. You are putting me in the position of not only supporting book burners (something I find personally abhorrent and I can't believe I'm saying) but following their lead on this. Must I buy and burn a koran? Is that what you really want? Do you want every freedom loving and courageous American to buy and burn one just to prove a point to you? I assure you that the idea is percolating in more minds than just my own. You are confirming the worst fears and concerns Americans have about your religion and it's adherents. Do you really want me to consider you and your followers as nothing more than seventh century barbarians bent on world domination and the subjugation of free peoples everywhere? Really? How about backing off and letting the whole thing just die from a lack of attention? No?

Ok then. I Tell you what. Just consider me as having burned one in my mind and heart. That way I don't have to actually do the deed and you can still get offended and issue a fatwa on me as well. That's good enough right? We'll call it VKB, Virtual Koran Burning (or VQB in some areas). No American worthy of the title fears exercising our God Given rights and I am not afraid of you.

So, there it is. I have burned a koran in my heart and I am unashamed, unapologetic, unafraid and will remain so as long as I draw breath. Add my name to your death sentence list please (Let's not mince words here by the use of 'fatwa' shall we? It is a death sentence in plain and simple English). If you decline to withdraw those death sentences you have already declared in this matter and/or refuse to add me to the whole "Death To <Your Name Here>" group I'll be forced to do the actual koran burning and frankly I don't want to spend the money it'd take to buy that collection of hatred and lunacy so I do hope we can make this VKB work. You might want to take a minute and read the previous post on Sheepdogs before you do go down this road however. I expect it won't dissuade you but I do try and give people all the information I think they'll need to make smart decisions.

Sincerely looking forward to your reply.

I remain


JihadGene said...

Good stuff! They are a bunch of intolerant assholes who deserve nothing but a smackdown every time they crawl out from under the rocks.

Six said...

Amen Gene!