'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

17 September 2010


Lagniappe's Dad has a post up that pretty well encapsulates where I am on politics at the moment. Especially where the GOP is concerned.

I am a Conservative with a capitol C. I've also been a Republican since I first voted for Reagan way back when. I'm capitalist and pro Second Amendment and in favor of smaller government and less regulation.

I have supported the GOP but that may be coming to an end. I find the current infighting between the GOP establishment and the literal voice of the people in selecting conservative candidates infuriating.

Borepatch has an interesting take here. Raz as well.

The bottom line is that those same squishy, RINO, establishment Republicans who led us down this road are loathe to give up their power and will do anything they can to ensure that the people's choices will never be elected. It's personal politics over the good of the nation or the desires of the electorate.

It's time for the establishment to clean house. It's time for castle, rove, murkowski, mccain and all the rest (I'm looking at you here Michael Steele) to go away. It is beyond the pale that the biggest threat to a return to conservative government in this country is the Republican party.

It's now past the sending a message point. This is no longer a request. Get with the program and support the candidates We The People have seen fit to reward with our support and our votes or get the hell out of the party. Democrat lite and the good old boy way of nominating candidates is no longer going to fly and won't ever, ever again.

The handwriting is on the wall. Learn to read or be crushed. It really is that simple.



Borepatch said...

Six, I don't think it's a RINO issue, it's a power issue. Karl Rove isn't a RINO, at least, not obviously so. He *is* an establishment pol.

It's the establishment - with its sense of entitlement - that's the big problem. They're the ones we have to break. Mike Castle was clearly a RINO, but more importantly, he was establishment. And so he had to go.

dick said...

BP, you're correct. It is a power issue, and dig into Rove's past and you'll find he is only a conservative of conveinence, aka rino.

Ed Rasimus said...

I was always an optimist with regard to the concept of power corrupting, but increasingly the evidence is overwhelming me. Give someone power and it seems that they all succumb in the relatively short run.

The question now is if the electorate can discern capability from among the Tea Party offerings. Some are good, some not so much. The duplicity of the GOP, however, is manifest and disgusting.

Six said...

Term limits are looking more and more attractive the deeper we find the rot. I'm also of the mind that a viable third party may well be in the offing. Not in the next few rounds of elections but it may end up being the only way to find and elect good conservatives. The problem is if such is formed and ends up destroying the mainstream repub and dem party's will the rot extend to it as well?
Maybe Raz is right, the very nature of power is so corrupting that no one can be trusted with the reins for any length of time.

Sarge said...

Part of the problem as I see it is that they have voted them selves a very large salary. What with the paid speaking engagements and the political funds makes for a very very nice comfortable income. When our fore fathers first started representing us they did it for free, were in Washington for four weeks. Some of them had to walk there and then walk back. After they finished that brief time they went home and continued to WORK to support them selves and thier families. We need that sort of people today of course we can't expect them to work for nothing but there should be some way to stop the wastful spending on trips back and forth, paid vacations at tax payers expence, private jets etc. I think you get the idea. We need people who love this country enough to actually work for it. I think you get the idea there is just so much waste.