'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

01 March 2014


Suffered my first DQ today. I somehow managed to drop my unloaded pistol on the ground after I shot the stage and unloaded. Second stage of 6. Contained herein is my list of excuses. You are free to guess which one fits.
-The sun was in my eyes.
-Lu distracted me by looking so sexy in her 511s.
-It was those hateful Tea Partiers fault for being hating and hatey.
-I ate a whole stick of butter for breakfast and my hands were still a bit greasy.
-I did it on purpose. Occupy The Range! Because the government still won't pay for my trigger control!
-My holster had a hole in the bottom.
-It wasn't my fault. I swear! Fox News just hates me because Racist!
-The American People wanted me to drop my gun. They always have and always will.
-Ooooh! Shiny!
-I'm a moron
Only one answer is correct. Please choose carefully as absolutely nothing is on the line. Except for my dignity.

The bathroom goes slowly but it's going. Drywall and concrete backerboard are up and the main floor is tiled. Next week the shower pan, threshold, tile and wall finishing. We may have a working bathroom by Friday. Provided I'm not distracted by something shiny (see above).

It appears that America's word, in this administration, is completely worthless. In exchange for their nuclear weapons we and Great Britain guaranteed Ukraine's sovereignty. Now that the Russian Bear has begun devouring that country we are reduced to strongly worded warnings and not much else. I guess it's the Ukrainians fault. They trusted us. Putin appears to be actively nut slapping our president. Go figure.

I find myself edging toward hatred for those who constantly beat the "Tribal Bad but Me no Tribal so Me Good" drum. Please do everyone a favor. Stop preaching at us and STFU. Tribal is the default for the entirety of the human race. Always has been always will be. Deal with reality. We all have our biases and preferences. To say you're above such things is both untruthful and narcissistic. Spare me. Your Wookie suit isn't luxurious, it's Unicorn hair and just about as believable. Someone is gonna make me burn my libertarian card, I just know it.

I passed my final exam for my USPSA RO course. Now I are a certified Range Officer. Hooray! After I DQ'd today I stayed on and ran the rest of the shooters through the remaining stages. Good practice but I have a ton to learn. (I'd still have rather shot)

I still haven't received my Switchview from MGM that I won at the UPOA 3 Gun last month. I'll give it another week before sniveling at them and writing nasty posts here.

I'm selling my Sig 1911. I just can't get it to run reliably and shoot it half as well as my P226. I know that some work on the pistol would help as would a lot more practice on my part. The problem is I'm basically a lazy man and will choose the easiest path every time.

In that same vein Lu has added another firearm to her arsenal. My Glock 35. I hate the thing with the purity of a thousand flaming suns. I refuse to so much as touch it lest it infect me with it's unworthiness. Fortunately Lu likes it and wants to add a .40 to her options so at least it's going to a good home.

Two big matches upcoming. The Berry's Steel Challenge in April and the Southwest Multigun in May. Plus I've signed up for a 3 Gun carbine course in June. It's being put on by Tactical Performance Center right here at my home range. Keith Garcia is the lead instructor and since he's probably the top rifle shooter on the 3Gun circuit I anticipate a great learning opportunity.

I hope you're all having a great weekend. It's a bit wet here but it's all good. Except for some cabin fever in a certain black dog.....


Rev. Paul said...

RO? Excellent, despite the DQ. Stuff happens, and you moved on.

Well done, sir. Well done!

Six said...

Thanks Rev! The guys said it's a little like riding a motorcycle. There's shooters who have DQ'd and shooters who will DQ. I hope my fumble fingers are behind me though!

Monkeywrangler said...

I bet it was the Oooh Shiny, of all that nice spent brass on the ground that made your pistol leap from your hands. You didn't drop it, it jumped! Yeah, it jumped!

;) Glad it was not worse, Six. Don't let it get you down.

Six said...

That's it exactly MW. Totally not my fault. I blame the Russians.

Brighid said...

Stuff happens!
I think it was #2, even if it wasn't, it should be.

Six said...

I got a kiss when Lu read that one Brighid!