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10 March 2014

2 Gun Match Pics And Video

Just some fun from the match Saturday. I'm the ugly guy in the blue shirt.

Stage 1. Running backwards with the handgun. A great way to get DQ'd for breaking the 180 rule. After the last match I was quite careful. Quite. Cool red shoes eh?

Running the P226 on Stage 2. You can see the dump box on my left where I ditched the handgun and picked up my rifle.

Stage 3 at the 100 yard line. Those targets were hard to see. I was clean from here.

Then run up to the 50 and shoot them again. I was clean here as well. If you enlarge that picture and look between the silhouette on the right and that flash target to it's left you'll see a very small popper. Not too bad at 50 but barely visible at 100 yards, even a 4 power. The iron sight shooters had fits. From here we went to the pistol for shots and 50 and 25 yards.

Stage 4. The pistol. A modified El Presidente. 6 shots on 3 targets, reload and 6 shots.

Ditch the pistol and go to the rifle. 6 Shots, reload and 6 shots. Fast and fun.

Here's a video done by a buddy. It's an overview of the match. You can see my performance on the 100 yard stage at about 1:07. You can hear the hoots after I went clean. Awesome. Yep, that's my home range.

It was a fun match shot with a bunch of great guys and good shooters. That guy in the last photo with me, wearing the black long sleeve shirt, was the Open shooter who beat me. I hate him :) Really good dude and one heck of a shooter.

Til next match. You all stay safe and go turn some money into smoke and noise.


Rev. Paul said...

Cool, and fun. :)

Brighid said...

The video "Freaking Awesome" comment pretty much covers it!

Six said...

Thanks Rev, it real was!!

My thoughts exactly Brighid. Not the fat man in blue but everything else.

NotClauswitz said...

That looks like fun! I hope to find some gun-games like that up here once we get settled...The Move is still an aching memory!

Six said...

I hope you do NotClauswitz. It's more fun than should be allowed :)

The DO said...

Looks like a great day! Wish we had been there, I'm sure Mom takes much less embarrassing pictures than I would:) And thanks for the Paws bump. I was just thinking about doing that. One more example of brain sharing!