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20 March 2014

3 Gun Video

Thank you all for your love and support with Angus. As I have said many times (and others before me) a shared burden is a lighter one. Thanks for sharing the burden. I'm trying not to fret and for me humor is usually my outlet. I think it comes from developing that macabre sense of humor all cops eventually develop.

In any case I have been promising a video of my shooting for a while now. I finally just sat down and let YouTube grind it's way through a download using this crappy and slow computer. It took a while but I think you'll agree that there's few things funnier than watching an old fat guy run around on a stage with guns and live ammo.

A few things. This was taken in February I think. I have improved a little since then. A Little. I have also developed a brand new malfunction technique for shotgun. You'll see it near the end. It's called Six's Hammer Fist Of Doom and Shotgun Clearance (Patent Pending).

Without further ado I present the continuing comedic antics of an aging 3 Gun shooter with aspirations of mediocrity.

I'm still raw and new so I use these videos as training tools. What do I need to work on? Well...pretty much everything but shooting faster is pretty high up on that list. I could have (and should have and will in the future) shot those rifle targets standing offhand. They're not that far (ranging from 75 to 125 yards) and I have since been working on my standing shooting. My accuracy is Ok and if I can speed things up I'll be on the right track. I have another match on Saturday. We'll see if I've learned anything.

As always tips, advice and sarcastic remarks are always appreciated!


Rev. Paul said...

I dare offer no advice, as I wouldn't have done nearly as well as you.

Monkeywrangler said...

I had fun at the range today, working mostly on 2-second pistol drills from low ready and drawn from holster. Just used the 22lr pistol for this, as ammo is still cheaper than reloaded 9mm, and also wanted to get my feet wet with the drills before transitioning to the actual carry 9mm. Luckily my 22pistol is functionally the same as my 9mm (m&p 22, m&p9mm fs).

Also had fun playing with the M&P15-22. It was a lot more accurate than I had anticipated.

Heck I even got to shoot the new-to-me Rem 7 in 7mm-08. I was ringing steel plates (dinner sized) at 100yds with it.

You should come to DFW to take the shotgun class from Hardwired Tactical Shooting, Six. You'd like them--Wayne and Darryl are both retired PD, and are excellent instructors.

Old NFO said...

You're getting range time, THAT is what counts... sigh... ENVY!!! :-)

Six said...

I don't know Rev. Something tells me you'd do pretty well at this.

Can't beat that M&P MW. And having the .22 in the same platform as your carry gun is awesome. I checked out their site and they do look very interesting. No budget for this year (I already paid for a rifle class in June and that's pretty much all my shooting budget can handle) but next year? I'd also love to find a good 3 Gun match out there. I even have some family and my father was from Levelland!

I keep telling myself that NFO. I know you're awful busy and I hate to rub in how much trigger time I've been getting

Blue said...

Looks good to me :)