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08 March 2014

Match Today - Updated

It's a 2 Gun (pistol and rifle). Registration at 0830, first shots at 9. I'm loaded up and ready. Should be fun. If I don't experience another case of the dropsies or some other such catastrophe. I'll update with results with the usual proviso (If I screw up it never happened. Never heard of it. Match? I have no idea what you're talking about.)

It's supposed to be quite warm and generally pleasant here in Southern Utah. I hope you're all at least starting to get the edges of Spring. If so it's a great day to go shooting!

Second place Overall and first in Tactical Optics Division. The only shooter that beat me was a very experienced guy in Open where you can run about anything, as long as it's expensive. Second on 3 stages and 7th on one (reloading issue). I had a very good day. The match was small but I'll take it. My first Division win and highest overall finish so far. It's a good result that confirms that my hard work and equipment choices are paying off. The DPMS ran perfectly and is really accurate. One stage had us shooting very small poppers (4 inch scoring zone) at 100 yards as well as some 10 inch plates. I was clean, one of the very few who managed that. I am ecstatic with the rifle.

Next up is a 3 Gun at the end of the month. I'll keep training and shooting and see if I can keep my finishes high. I don't expect another Second Place/Division Win because it'll be much larger but so long as I'm moving in the right direction I'll be happy.


Monkeywrangler said...

Chilly overcast and the threat of rain in the immediate forecast. Our plans after DH gets back from morning exercise, is to hit Cabelas, and then go metal detecting at a large park. The less-than-ideal weather should reduce the amount of kids and teens we have to dodge.

Good luck on the match! No DQ's this time, right? ;)

Rev. Paul said...

Shoot well!

Six said...

Have fun MW. I managed to avoid a DQ but was I ever conscious of my gun manipulation!

Thanks Rev. I ended up shooting very well!

Brighid said...

Awesome, you did well indeed.

Six said...

Thanks Brighid!

Old NFO said...

Congrats!!! Well done sir!

Six said...

Thanks NFO. We'll see if I can continue to improve.