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05 February 2014

UPOA 3 Gun

I shot the Utah Peace Officer's Association 3 Gun match today. I did Ok but that consistency bugaboo I'm fighting bit me again. I finished 24th, which is a really nice jump up from where I've been, but I tanked one stage which cost me. I lost probably a minute and a half in lost times and penalties which pushed me out of the top 20. Not a complete loss but still painful. I did do something I've never done before. I won something.

In some of these matches sponsors provide prizes which are laid out on a table. If you finish high enough you get a turn at the table to pick something out. Today I got this;

It's a Safariland Rapid Light System. List price is $150.00 though Amazon has them for $81.41. Pretty neat and the first thing I've ever won (other than the odd trophy here and there) for shooting. I'll give it a try and post about how the thing works.

Plus, after the table was done there were a few certificates from MGM Targets for one of their Switchviews. I happened to be right there so I snagged one. It's valued at $59.95. The great thing is I really need one of these.

There was also a swag bag with some interesting items I'll also be testing out and reporting on.

In that pile, among other things, is some Prolix Lubricant and a Hera Arms magazine. I have no experience with either so I'm excited to see what they are made of. I'll post on them as I try them out.

All in all it was a pretty good day. I'm improving little by little and working on my issues. What's frustrating is that as I fix one thing something else jumps up and bites me on the butt. I seem to have worked out my shotgun issues from Hard as Hell. Right now the shotgun is flat working for me. My pistol was down last week but up this match. The rifle bit me twice today where I've previously had zero problems. I need to get a better zero and work on my reloads. Tomorrow night I'm taking a class on those exact things from a 3 Gun master so I'm hoping to get some answers. There's a 2 Gun match on Saturday I was going to skip but now I'll probably shoot it. One thing I have learned for certain is that there's absolutely no substitute for trigger time under the shot clock.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency. I haz none and need some badly.



Tierlieb said...

Looking forward to hear you report on the Hera Arms H3T. I bought a bunch (they come from Germany) and was not that impressed - whenever I shot prone, resting my rifle on the mag, I got feeding problems. Happened with Sig 516 and OA-15. I wonder if the ones for export work better.

Six said...

Thanks for the heads up Tierlieb. I generally run aluminum GI and Magpul. I have a few Pro Mags I'm trying out but I'm having feed issues so I'm beginning to get the idea they're not gonna work. I had never even touched one of the Heras before so I have no expectations though I'm a bit leery and pessimistic. I'll do a post on them after the match this weekend. I'm thinking if you had issues most likely I'll have the same. I'll try and shoot it this weekend and post on how it did.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monkeywrangler said...

Congrats Six on the improved placing and the prize. It's too darned cold here (13F this morning) to even think about shooting! I know, I am officially a cold-wimp now, but that's what you get for living in the South for a decade, and for having thyroid issues....utter cold intolerance!

Six said...

Thanks MW! 13 degrees? That's cold!! I gotta stop complaining when we get into the 30s.

Old NFO said...

Moving up is good, knowing the problems is even better! You know what needs improvement, and that will improve the next match!!!

Brigid said...

Congratulations on the win. We look forward to the report on the gear.

Six said...

From your lips to the Almighty's ears NFO!!

Thanks Brigid! I have to admit that was kinda cool :)