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11 February 2014

Now With More Angus

A little intermission so we can bring you some more Angus pictures. 'Cause nothing drives hits like pics of a cute dog. None of that here so you'll have to settle for Angus. Kidding. I keed.

He's doing very well. He had an abscess on his surgery scar that was giving him trouble but the Vet put him on antibiotics and it finally burst. We treated it and it seems to have stopped hurting.

"Grab the rope. Grab the rope. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!"

One of my favorite breakfasts, Lu's pancakes and eggs.

Apparently Angus agrees. "Man that looks good!"

"Look how cute I am. Can I have a bite?"

"No? Awww shucks."

His favorite place in all the world, curled up next to Mama in her chair.

He's become such a Mama's Boy. When she leaves him home he sits by the front door, staring at it and whining softly. In the evening he snivels at her until she sits in her chair so he can cuddle up and sleep. I don't know what I'm going to do when Lu goes out to Florida to pick up the kids in a few months. Probably hire a hooker. Wait, did I say that out loud? I meant I'll comfort him in some other way. By myself. No hookers at all. I swear.



Murphy's Law said...

Go Angus, Go Angus!

As to hiring a hooker, can you even do that in Utah? I won't believe it unless I see pics...or unless Lu brains you with a skillet for even voicing the thought.

Rev. Paul said...

Let's see ... he'll spend a day or two watching the door & whimpering because Lu isn't there, and will then decide to treat you like he does her.

And the very second she comes back, he'll drop you like a hot rock & go back to previous patterns. :)

Car Guy said...

LOVE the new look! Surprised me this morning when I checked in.

Monkeywrangler said...

Our dogs do the whine-thing when I or the kids leave home, but never DH. Even Daddy's Girl, Shiloh never cries when DH goes out.

And how could you refuse Angus some tasty breakfast? Such a sweet sad face...! He's as much a ham as ol' Barkley!

Six said...

They're Mormon hookers ML. They won't have sex with you but they will can your veggies. If you know what I mean....

Exactly Rev. I'll get cast aside like an old bone that done lost all it's taste. In his defense she does smell better than I do :)

Thanks CG. The DO did it and I think it's fabulous!

Old NFO said...

Great pics, and it's obvious he's 'weaseled' his way deep into Lu's heart... :-)

Six said...

Oh yeah NFO. If he's a Mama's Boy she is definitely a proud Mama!!