'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

09 February 2014

Sunday Kipling

Another Sunday is upon us. January is gone and February is fleeing. Where does the time go?

Angus is in fine fettle. It's been warm enough for swimming at the pond. The duck chasing is sublime.

Lu is feeling good. She's become the best range monkey ever, ever. If it wasn't for her I'd have to buy one of those electric golf carts and all the other shooters would laugh at me. As it is they cast jealous eyes and wish they had a woman as wonderful as she. I am a lucky man indeed.

I am better. I shot another 3 Gun match yesterday and managed to find some consistency. I'm not winning mind you but I am getting better. My best match yet. No failures (just two small hiccups) and a satisfactory finish. There may be hope for me yet.

Bathroom this week. My excuses are gone and Lu will tolerate no more nonsense. Pics and a write up.

Today is a recovery day. Two matches this week have left my feet hurting and my guns dirty. Clean up and a hot soak in the tub are indicated. I hope this day finds you all hale and in good spirits. Kiss your own range monkey and give a special treat to your best friend. Love is all around us. It's up to each of us to recognize and treasure it. Have a great day my friends.

The Instructor

(Non-commissioned Officers of the Line)

At times when under cover I 'ave said,
To keep my spirits up an' raise a laugh,
'Earin 'im pass so busy over-'ead
Old Nickel-Neck, 'oo isn't on the Staff 
"There's one above is greater than us all"

Before 'im I 'ave seen my Colonel fall,
An 'watched 'im write my Captain's epitaph,
So that a long way off it could be read
He 'as the knack o' makin' men feel small
Old Whistle Tip, 'oo isn't on the Staff.

There is no sense in fleein' (I 'ave fled),
Better go on an' do the belly-crawl,
An' 'ope' 'e'1l 'it some other man instead
Of you 'e seems to 'unt so speshual
Fitzy van Spitz, 'oo isn't on the Staff.

An' thus in mem'ry's cinematograph,
Now that the show is over, I recall
The peevish voice an' 'oary mushroom 'ead
Of  'im we owned was greater than us all,
'Oo give instruction to the quick an' the dead
The Shudderin' Beggar--not upon the Staff!

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God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

I'll give my gal a kiss... but I'm afraid to call her "range monkey"... as she does go around armed... and Valentine's Day is coming soon... lol!

Dann in Ohio