'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

03 February 2014

I'm Back

You may have noticed I haven't been around for a while. Nothing bad I just completely lost my mojo. Doctor Evil has been seen in the area though I'm not making any accusations. Just saying is all.

What have I been doing? Well, I finished the coat closet and framed in the short wall for the laundry room. I shot another 3 Gun match. Somehow I managed to squeeze in some schoolin'.

I'm now a certified USPSA Range Officer. That just means my club will now abuse me and ask me to work pretty near every match that comes up. It's all good, I may even take the next step and become a Nationals level RO. That way I can get abused outside of Utah.

I also bought a new gun. Remember my posts on Budget 3 Gun? Yeah, that didn't last long. Sunday I picked up this:

That's a DPMS 3G2. DPMS M111 free float handguard, Magpul stock and 45 degree offset backup sights, Ergo grip, Miculek compensator and a 2-stage trigger. I shot it today to sight it in and it's sweet. Light and very accurate. Not gonna say how much I paid but it's fair to say it pretty much blew my budget to Pluto. I'm shooting the Utah Peace Officers Association (UPOA) 3 Gun on Wednesday. Pics and a write up after the match.

I'm hoping to get back to blogging but I'm also writing other stuff so my posts may be decidedly shooting oriented for a while. My brain cells are limited so I must use them judiciously. Something about not being able to chew gum and walk at the same time.



Murphy's Law said...

Glad to see ya posting again. How's Lu and Angus? Must have Angus pics/stories.

Brighid said...

So glad you have been living life, and doing good fun shooty things, that is all that truly matters!

Monkeywrangler said...

Welcome back Six. Both Murphy and Brighid are right--More Angus, and more shooty posts! After all, I have to live vicariously through somebody's range-fun!

Six said...

Thanks ML. More Angus posts coming up!

Thanks Brighid. I so agree!

Thank you MW. You got it!

Old NFO said...

Nice little poodle shooter there Six! And welcome back!!!

Rev. Paul said...

Good to know you're okay - and nice lookin' shooter. :)

Six said...

Thanks NFO and Rev. I'm shooting it at a match today. AAR soonest!

LauraB said...

Did you hear me cackle when you surrendered the budget 3 gun concept? I'd be more upset about it if the hobby were fishing - any weapon is a good one and useful for many reasons. So I don't care about budget whacking when it comes to guns.

Will you bring it to TX? *wink, nod*

Six said...

Was that you LauraB? I knew I heard someone laughing maniacally.

I would love to come out and shoot with you guys. We'll just have to see what the budget can take. I seemed to have drained it just a bit!