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12 October 2013

Sunday Kipling

Lu and I have started the next phase of the remodel, the Master Bedroom and second bathroom. Yeah, we really need that. Demo is in full swing. Photos and write up starting this week. If you followed the kid's bedroom you have a fair idea what we're getting into. I will say that so far it looks much better. No rebuilding of the ceiling and there's already fiberglass insulation present. Not in the walls of course but at this point we'll take what we can get.

I hope you all have a great Sunday, full of joy, laughter and good company.


Something light today I think.

The Centaurs

"The United Idolaters"
Up came the young Centaur-colts from the plains they were
       fathered in--
   Curious, awkward, afraid.
Burrs on their hocks and their tails, they were branded and gath-
       ered in
  Mobs and run up to the yard to be made.

Starting and shying at straws, with sidlings and plungings,
  Buckings and whirlings and bolts;
Greener than grass, but full-ripe for their bridling and lungings,
  Up to the yards and to Chiron they bustled the colts...

First the light web and the cavesson; then the linked keys
  To jingle and turn on the tongue. Then, with cocked ears,
The hours of watching and envy, while comrades at ease
  Passaged and backed, making naught of these terrible gears.

Next, over-pride and its price at the low-seeming fence
  Too oft and too easily taken -- the world-beheld fall!
And none in the yard except Chiron to doubt the immense,
  Irretrievable shame of it all!...

Last, the trained squadron, full-charge -- the sound of a going
  Through dust and spun clods, and strong kicks, pelted in as
       they went,
And repaid at top-speed; till the order to halt without slowing
  Showed every colt on his haunches--and Chiron content!


God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

Maybe you will need a bed-bunker when you're done...


Dann in Ohio

Six said...

That is positively genius Dann. Thanks for the link!

Old NFO said...

Good luck! Although y'all DO seem to have a better handle on it than most... :-)

Six said...

Thanks NFO. We'll see. It should be a little easier that the kid's room but there is a lot of plumbing to do...