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10 October 2013

AOL Spam From Me

See, this is why I hate technology. We dropped AOL a year ago and I thought it was a done deal. Fini. Dead and buried.

Not so. Apparently once the little AOL douche bags gets their grime encrusted fingernails into you they hold on for dear life and never let go. To wit:

If you got spam from my old account, bdkennels@aol.com, please accept my most abject apologies. See, I thought that by dumping AOL and no longer giving them money and telling them that I hated them and wished the entire company would die in a meteor strike that wiped out every single trace that the company had ever existed would be sufficient to give them a big hint. But apparently not.

No. Unbeknownst to me they kept my e-mail account active, they just never mentioned it to me. Car Guy wrote me the other day to let me know the account was sending out spam messages. my response?

And? Hey, it's some other bdkennels who now has that e-mail account. I gots nothin' ta do wid it brudda.

Yeah, not so much. I checked AOL today and what did I find? Yeppers, my e-mail account is still alive and active, apparently being used by the good folks at Spams 'R' Us in lovely eastern Europe. Joy. And hey, only 857 messages! Go in and try to delete it. AOL says Nah. Nah? What do you mean Nah? We mean we're keeping it open forever and there's nothing you can do about it. Punk.


So I changed out the password and reset everything whilst Lu explores the options and tries to remove me from the clutches of those vile gangsters at AOL. I hope this will stop anyone from being further spammed by Krazy Ed Krasnovitz and his "Is Real Rolex I Swear Would I Lie To You?" offers. If not please feel free to give ol' Ed my home phone number.

Sorry folks.



Jennifer said...

I figured it wasn't really you.

instinct said...

No problem. I saw the email and just killed it. Get about ten of those damn things a day anyway.

Six said...

Sorry Jen and Instinct. I've taken every contact, old mail and all references to everyone out of the account and Lu is working on killing it. With fire.

Anonymous said...

You mean that NIB S&W Model 19 I bought from you for $75 last week at the old e-address really isn't coming? regards, Alemaster

The DO said...

Oh... Yeah... Oops...

Hey, Dad? I got a spam email from BDKennels. Thought you should know.

I will go hang my head in shame now.

Monkeywrangler said...

Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure!

Six said...

It's in the mail Alemaster. I swear!!

Thanks sweetie :) My IT specialist!

If this don't work I'm prepared to do just that MW. How's your stock of U235 looking?