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23 October 2013

First Blood

Ok, who had Tuesday in the "When will Six nail gun himself" pool? 'Cause you can claim your prize now. C'mon. We all knew this was going to happen.

I always await First Blood with some trepidation. I know it's going to hurt like all get out but it's kind of a project rite of passage for me. Once done I seldom do it twice and the remodel can then go ahead with no further calamities. And not Sissy First Blood either, as in "Oh, stop being such a sissy and get back to work" scrapes and cuts and the like. Heck, I managed that in the first 5 minutes. It needs to be real "Oh man, that's a lot of blood. Hey, did you see that spurt? Will you please stop bleeding on everything and hold still so I can wrap it?" First Blood. A Manly injury.

Nail guns are wonderful tools. Except when they're not like when they're driving a nail through a digit or appendage. Then they're tools of evil and mass destruction. It's hard to tell but the end of the finger is quite purple. Thankfully I missed the bone but the nail did manage to go most of the way through.

It's also quite swollen. And tender. Did I mention tender because it is. Quite. Lu did the bandaging. By this point in our lives she's getting pretty good at it. If practice makes perfect she should be an ER nurse by now.

How did I manage to do that you ask? Well see it was like this. We were putting in the new ceiling joists and the work space was a little cramped. The joist was in and I was putting in the very last vertical support of the day. Isn't that the way it always is? The very last thing you do just before knocking off for the day. I had a hold of the support with my left hand and was nailing it from the opposite side. All lined up? Yep! Well drive that nail home boy. What you waitin' on? Well, apparently my aim was off by just a little. Anyone who has ever seen me shoot will hardly be surprised. As the gun spat out it's missile of doom I felt what I can only describe as a sharp ouchie in the middle finger of my left hand. I tried to pull it away but it seemed to be caught on something. I realized what had happened and tugged it off of the offending fastener. As I looked at it the blood started to run. And run. And run. Lu knew immediately and ran for the first aid kit while I cupped my hand below it to catch the runoff as it were. I still left quite a blood trail to the bathroom. When we got there I ran it under hot water and watched the bright arterial spurts rise about 2 inches. It was actually pretty cool.

Today it's purple and sore. I may even take the day off since even touching it at the moment causes new spasms of pain and discomfort. Still, I'm Ok. It takes a lot more than a little booboo like this to knock me out of action though I will have to do my bird flipping with the other hand for a while. Good thing I'm ambidextrous.

And at least First Blood is done. Without a trip to the ER. Life is good.



Monkeywrangler said...

Six, remember this: Air goes in and out. Blood goes round 'n round. Any change in this, is a BAD thing!

Especially when you nail minor arteries...glad to read that you are actually OK.

We are going to start fairly easy on our fix-ups. One window frame needs some repair, and then it is time to paint. With the paint, other than the usual Latex-in-the-eyes problem, I don't see much chance for injury. (I hope!)

Six said...

Bad Thing. Got it. Really, I need to tattoo that on my forehead or something 'cause I seem to violate those rules quite often :)

Of course you realize you just taunted Murphy. You're doomed MW. DOOMED!

OldAFSarge said...

I don't know what effect you had on the enemy Six, but you terrify me.

(H/T to the Duke of Wellington.)

Rev. Paul said...

+1 to OldAFSarge!

Murphy's Law said...

Eh, you still got the finger, right? Get back to work and come back when you've managed to take off a whole extremity.


Monkeywrangler said...

Don't I know it, Six! I know I am tempting fate...probably it will involve scaffolding and a fall. Luckily the house is a ranch style and only a single story. Still sounds safer to me than a nail gun! At least it was only your finger, not your head!

innominatus said...

I do dumb stuff like that all the time, too. On the bright side, it means we don't have to try to very hard to remember when we got the last tetanus shot.

Old NFO said...

OUCH! Hope your Tetanus shot is current!

Me said...

"Once done I seldom do it twice..." Infamous last words??? ;-)

Monkeywrangler said...

Murphy showed up last night, Six, in the form of a Chrysler 300...ouch.

instinct said...

Six, you still can't match a guy I talked to when I worked for a workers comp insurance company.

Got a claim in for a construction worker, he had managed to cut his thumb off with a circular saw. Lucky for him, they stitched it back on.

Five months later, he breaks the same thumb falling off a ladder, they set it and he goes back to work where he then puts a nail through it will a nail gun.

So yeah, you aren't the unluckiest tool using, sentient life form on the planet but I'll give you bonus points for trying.

instinct said...

Oh, and I had falling off a ladder on Wednesday for the pool.

Brighid said...

Ouch, take good care!
Since my revolver's in the shop getting tweaked, I've been pack'n my old nail gun. A little awkward, but as soon as I get some range time...

Jennifer said...

Well congratulations on the lack of emergency room visit. Be careful with yourself. Please don't raise the bar. The klutz crown is heavy enough as it is!

Six said...

I love that Sarge!

Thanks Rev.!

That's almost exactly what Lu said ML!

Don't say it MW. My head's got enough holes as it is!

I think I need a booster Inno and NFO!

I really could have used Bike Nurse Car Guy!!

Oh No MW! I hope you're Ok. I'll drop by the blog and check on you.

Oh man Instinct. I hope you're Ok!

The sights are a little crude but the knockdown power is off the charts Brighid!

It is in my nature to always be pushing the envelope Jennifer. Unfortunately it usually involves hurty stuff so your advice is well taken! I promise.

Evyl Robot Michael said...

Great post Six. Be more careful though!