'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

22 April 2012

Sunday Kipling

I find that as time slips away I'm jealous of any spent away from the kids. The date when they will leave us, to take up their lives in another state a continent away, is fast approaching. I apologize for neglecting the blog and my commitment to you. But I can't help myself. Whenever I sit down to write the muse flees at the sound of young voices full of life and questions and thirsty for knowledge. Or maybe just an adventure. Please bear with me. It'll be over all too soon.

The Day's Work

   We now, held in captivity,
      Spring to our bondage nor grieve--
   See now, how it is blesseder,
      Brothers, to give than receive!
   Keep trust, wherefore we were made,
      Paying the debt that we owe;
   For a clean thrust, and the shear of the blade,
      Will carry us where would go.
               The Ship that Found Herself.

All the world over, nursing their scars,
Sir the old fighting-men broke in the wars--
Sit the old fighting-men, surly and grim
Mocking the lilt of the conquerors' hymn.

Dust of the battle o'erwhelmed them and hid.
Fame never found them for aught that they did.
Wounded and spent to the lazar they drew,
Lining the road where the Legions roll through.

Sons of the Laurel who press to your meed,
Worthy God's pity most--you who succeed!)
Ere you go triumphing, crowned, to the stars,
Pity poor fighting-men, broke in the wars!

  Put forth to watch, unschooled, alone,
    'Twixt hostile earth and sky;
  The mottled lizard 'neath the stone
     Is wiser here than I.

   What stir across the haze of heat?
      What omen down the wind?
   The buck that break before my feet--
      They know, but I am blind!


Lee from La said...

Take your time and enjoy it while you can. Screw everyone else, I never wanted my kids to say, "Dad didn't have time for us." I NEVER get tired of them saying, "Dad, I love you." The job, the blog, the whatever will be there, the kids won't always be.

instinct said...

if you DIDN'T ignore the blog and spend time with them I would have to hunt you down and smack you.

Then, of course, you would twist me into a pretzel, but still :D

You're most important job is the kids, we both know that.

kfg said...

I am at something of a loss to understand how, just because you choose to post a few thoughts to the public now and again, that results in any sort of obligation to them.

There is no need to apologize for having one's priorities well and truly straight.

Be at peace while you can.

Six said...

You guys are the best. Thanks for the buck up.