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29 July 2011

I Hate To Say I Told You So

But I told you so. This is as clear an example of the leadership failures I talked about as I can think of.

As long as the government of Canton, or any municipal government for that matter, consists of folks like this there is zero chance of a return to common sense policing with the emphasis on good, basic police tactics and community relations. When poor officer behavior is blamed on lawfully armed citizenry you can be certain no lessons will be learned. Or perhaps the wrong lessons. I'm certain the Canton PD consists of a lot of very motivated, professional and honest officers just trying to do the job they've sworn to do. Mr. Schulman, you are doing them absolutely no favors by trying to deflect blame. Step up, accept your share (and you own a very large share of the blame indeed) and promise to do what it takes to weed out the unfit and support those officers doing the job the way it's supposed to be done. You may be surprised at the level of commitment amongst the line officers you'll find if you take the time to do your due diligence and not just spout off.

And when you're ready to hear uncomfortable truths and learn what you can do to ensure yours is the finest police department in the nation feel free to give me a call. I'm more than happy to help


Update: Apparently this wasn't the first time officer douchebag was filmed acting improperly. Like I said before, these people do not just suddenly appear. In virtually every case they have a demonstrable history of bad conduct. It's what the disciplinary process is supposed to do. Identify the unfit and either train them up or remove them. It's very clear that Canton PD and the city of Canton have failed miserably in this regard which calls into question their entire hiring/training/retention process. Empire building, money and negligence, the three deadly sins of policing.

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Sarge said...

I can't help but agree with your assessment. Thanks