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19 July 2011

Government Gone Wild

This if true should true should get you attention!!


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Doohickie said...

If true? A little math can debunk at least some of the scare tactics. He says that if the government stops paying anything else and just pays the debt off at $100 million per day, it would take 389 years to pay off the debt. I looked up the public revenue and if the government paid all of it toward the public debt, there would be nearly $6 billion per day to spend toward the debt, which would pay off the principal in a little over 7 years. In short, the video purposely misleads the viewer to believe the situation is much, much worse than it is.

Not that we don't have fiscal problems as a nation, but this video makes it sound a lot worse than it is. Do you really want to follow someone that is purposely trying to deceive you in order to manipulate you?