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14 July 2011


Can someone please explain to me why Poker is on ESPN? I know it's Entertainment and SPorts Network but the emphasis has always been on the SPort with the Entertainment relegated to Cheerleader competitions and hot dog eating contests. They don't even have pro wrestling on for crying out loud.

Poker? Really? With play by play and in depth color commentary?

"Greasy Pete really took a big hit on that hand Cool Hand Jesus."

"That's right Mortimer. He really should have folded that hand when the flop turned up Duece, Seven and the Death Card."

Apparently I'm watching waaaay too much TV.



Spikessib said...

At least the poker commentators don't all talk like their hair's on fire.

Six said...

Yeah, It's kinda like golf with a lot of earnest hushed voices and references to their own game. Hey, that's it. GolfPoker!

Me said...

You haven't experienced the true thrill of sports until you've watched the Ultimate RPS Competition on ESPN! Oh, and it was real: Rock, Paper, Scissors! Again, complete with a color commentator and strategist.

Six said...

I need to see that. Need.