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25 February 2010

This Is What The One Really Thinks Of Our Military

The Military has a program called MyCAA, My Career Advancement Accounts, a program that gives qualified military spouses up to $6,000 in tuition assistance to help them pursue portable careers.

This is important because, in these times of War the Military spouse may become permanently disabled or killed at pretty much any moment. Having a program that assists the spouse in obtaining career enhancing education and skills seems like a no brainer. They may become the family's primary bread winner without warning. Assisting these families in preparation for a worst case scenario is a good use of taxpayer funds. With a government wasting hundreds of billions of dollars on every boondoggle and wasteful earmark imaginable, MyCAA funding should be among the last to be cut.

According to the articles I've read, DOD MyCAA officials are saying that the halt is temporary. http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123192179

But some have found that they can't access the money in their accounts for classes already signed up for and approved. They've been told to "seek other funding sources".


Whatever is happening with MyCAA it is pretty obvious that the needs of military families are being treated with less respect than they deserve. Funding for these folks shouldn’t be an afterthought, subject to the whims of the military hating elites currently in charge of the government.

Yet another swipe at the men and women who keep this country free so they can be spit on by those unworthy to carry their water.

h/t http://kitchendispatch.blogspot.com/ I've added her to The Warrior Roll. If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, you Women Warriors rule!



Kanani said...

I know. This upsets me a great deal. They do this because they figure the spouses won't make a fuss.

The Six said...

I'm hoping a national outlet will pick this up and run with it Kanani. I'm concerned that if this is swept under the rug (Like so many other military/veteran issues) it'll be gone forever. Maybe Ed or The Sarge have an angle we can work.

Ed, Sarge. Can you guys weigh in on this please?

BTW Welcome to our humble abode Kanani. I hope you will visit us often.