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25 February 2010

American Chicks Rock

Just finished watching the women's hockey match where the U.S. women lost to Canada 2-0. It was a great game and the Americans played their hearts out. To see the tears in their eyes when they lost was heart breaking. I mean, they got a silver medal at the Olympics but they wanted that gold so badly. You could see the disappointment in their eyes. I was proud of them.

You know what you didn't see?

Poor sportsmanship. Whining. Pissing and Moaning. They got beat, took their medals and acted like adults about it.

I've said here many times how much I admire American Women. Not just because I'm married to one, am the father of one and the grandfather of a future one. No. Because American Chicks Rock!

American women are world class in most any sport you care to name. I really don't care what your opinion of women's sports is. The simple facts are that these sports exist, are contested around the world to huge audiences and American Chicks tend to be pretty damn dominant overall. From Softball to Gymnastics. From Hockey to Skiing. From Basketball to Track. American women can be counted on to be world class in all of them. When the men are nowhere to be found you'll be able to watch an American Chick in there contesting for a medal.

In a world where professional women's sports are pretty rare (or even non-existent) this means that the playing field is pretty level. You don't generally have the best women athletes staying away from amateur events because they have a better paying position on a professional team. That means that the American Chicks are regularly kicking the ass off the best female athletes in the world.

It doesn't stop there. In politics we find American chicks leading the way. Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin are pretty much out there alone at the moment carrying the conservative water. Think I'm wrong? Show me an apologetically conservative Republican man who's out in front, risking the wrath of the vile left. Go ahead, I'll be waiting right over here.

Check out the Warrior Blog Roll. Take a good look at how many of those links are conservative women. Now go read some of these kick ass chicks and tell me you're not impressed.

I am so glad I live in a country that produces people of the caliber of The American Woman. You are everything a free people should be and an inspiration to me.

American Chicks are just plain awesome!


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Sew Bee It said...

Beck, he's out there taking tons of heat for his views. And he's also a major supporter of women. Oh, and he's a Mormon. Hmmm.... But, yeah, he's also not a Republican, but a Conservative. It really does seem as if the movement is tired of hearing Rush talk about big tents and staying with the Republicans cause to split the party means we wouldn't win. I'm tired of "winning" when what I get is almost exactly the same as what I would have got with the other guy. I want a Conservative, not a Republican. I don't want a big tent, I want the right tent!