'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

25 February 2010


I'm going to catch flak on this but never let it be said The Six was afraid to take a stance.

I want homosexuals to want the same things I do. A home, a family, a good job and a firearm.

I want them to feel the bite of exorbitant taxes and to worry about their kids' school.

I want sleepless nights over finances and child care.

I want them debating eroding civil rights and a corrupt government.

In short, I want them to be Conservative.

Conservatism/Libertarianism is the natural state for a free people. Why would we want to deny that to anyone? We as conservatives will never be what we can be as long as we turn people away because of the demographic they fall into. Judging people based on such is the work of Liberals and anathema to a freedom loving nation.

I've seen enough conservative homosexuals to know they're out there, largely on their own. They're blogging and talking about the same issues I am. They have the many of same concerns I have. They want some things I don't but so do many others who name themselves Conservative or Libertarian.

I refuse to equate homosexual with Liberal. It is simply not true. A quick visit to http://hillbuzz.org/ and http://www.gaypatriot.net/ will confirm that.

I applaud CPAC's inclusion of GOProud as a sponsor. I'm proud to stand beside them. I'm also proud to stand beside all currently serving military or veterans, whatever their demographic.



nanc said...

Yet, there are those who wish to be treated "specially" - just spoutin'!

I have also stood shoulder to shoulder with gays on many occasions, but not because they were asking for special treatment.

The Six said...

You're right nanc. The special treatment crowd is the fly in the ointment but we have them min all groups. I just want us to be prepared to welcome homosexual conservatives and not to esxclude them only because they're gay.

nanc said...

I never have and always pride myself on being fair with a conservative slant - *8D

nanc said...

BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA! Janet Napolitano is speaking on the tele behind me - I thought, "WHO is that dude and what is he talking about?!?" OH BOO!

The Six said...

LOL nanc!