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09 February 2010

Gun Pron

I've been adding more traditional firearms to my collection the last few years. This is where my head has been lately:

Top to bottom, left to right:
Marlin 336 30-30
Winchester 94 30-30
Ruger Stainless Vaquero 44-40
Ruger New Model Blackhawk 45 Colt
Marlin 1895 45-70
Marlin 1894 45 Colt
Stevens 311E SxS 12 ga.
Stoeger Uplander SxS 28 ga.

I've also got a 18 inch barrel Norinco SxS coach gun in 12 ga. with exposed hammers. It's at the Utah house at the moment.

I'm mostly done, at least for the moment, but a nice double shotgun will always make me take another look. I'd really like to add a BPCR. I've been drooling over the guns at http://www.shilohrifle.com/. Expensive but.... I also think a double rifle is in my future, if I can find one that costs somewhat less than a new truck.

Not only have I re-discovered my love of traditional western guns but i figure that when the ban hammer is wielded, these will be the last to go.

Meh, call me a pessimist.



dick said...

Ya had me at the Marlin 336 30-30.

It may not be fast, or very acurate past 400 yards, but I've loved mine since the day I brought it home.

The Six said...

Me too Dick. Frankly, I bought the Winchester because no collection is complete without one but the Marlin is superior in just about every way.