'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

28 June 2009

You're Wrong We're Right. Deal With it.

I don't usually do Sunday posts but I've got a bug up my ass and the little bastard is eating away at my duodenum.

I was listening to a 'middle of the road' political commentator. He was saying what I'm hearing and reading a lot of leftist (and a lot of squishy right) people say. The Republican party, and specifically Sarah Palin, should take the 'high road' and not respond to attacks, no matter how personal.

Let me see if I've got this straight.

Someone can attack Sarah Palin through her handicapped child. They can make 'jokes' about sex with her 14 year old daughter. They can call her every filthy, vile, disgusting and untrue name in the book and she (and by extension her supporters) are supposed to just shut up and let it go?
They can attack Michelle Bachmann for being right and having the audacity to point that out in democratic ass slapping glory on the floor of the house and she's supposed to take it?
They can attack every one of us for being 'teabagging redneck racists' for going to a tax protest and we can't say a thing?

Is that what you're saying? Really?????

Well, let me disabuse you of a couple of assumptions there Skippy.

First. We conservatives are done letting anyone else define the argument for us. That's what got us in this mess in the first place. No more will the left and the squishy (who, let's just admit it here are leftists in all but name) tell us what we can do, what we can say, who we can say it to or how we can say it. Is that clear enough? Do I need to write slower and use smaller words? I and every self respecting conservative out there are done listening to people who clearly do not have our best interests at heart. Telling me to 'take the high road' is really telling me not to argue and that's a recipe for losing. Wait, we already found that out didn't we? See, we can learn lessons and this one was courtesy of the very people who are now telling us to shut up about it. Oops, maybe I wasn't suppose to let that slip. Sorry Skippy, if there's one thing the Warrior Class can do it's debrief a critical incident. Always.

Second. It is not poor judgement, anger issues, stupidity, lack of self control, lack of grace, or any other euphemism you want to hang on us, to defend ourselves against attack. This is at the heart of the liberal plan to defeat conservatism in America forever. Take away our ability to defend ourselves and pound away until everyone is too afraid to espouse any belief but the 'proper one'. That is americanliberalism in case I wasn't being clear.

Third. Defending ourselves works. Every time. It's practically the only way to get our ideas out there so the general public can see them. Certainly the msm won't do it. Journalistic integrity is now an oxymoron. Isn't that rich. The left hates for us to do it because they have no answer to truth. When Michelle Bachmann pins a writhing timmy geitner to the wall with her penetrating questions and steely gaze, when Sarah Palin galvanizes America as we haven't been since Reagan, the left screams in terror and begins the personal attacks because they have no other answer. Americans really would prefer freedom. You've gotta do a lot of very fast talking to convince them to put on the yoke. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann standing there being tall, proud American Conservative role models is just stinkin' unfair isn't it? Gotta cut them down to size. Only problem is they're seemingly unwilling to be punching bags. Huh. Go figure.

So to all you centrists and moderates and middle of the roaders and democrats and squishy republicans and what all;
I will decide how to best defend myself. Sarah Palin will decide how to best defend herself. Michelle Bachmann will decide how to best defend herself. We're not afraid and we won't back down to threats and vile invective. Backing off and shutting up are the cowards way. You can take that road if you want to but it leads to only one place...a totalitarian state. Be a self serving, sniveling, placating, cowardly slave if you want to. Me and my brothers and sisters will belly up for a cold one and then take the fight right to the enemy. Just you watch.

Want to see more? Just look at the blogs on the list to the right. Pick one, any one, and go for a visit. You'll see a whole bunch of proud, loud conservatives who are not only unafraid, they're pretty damn obnoxious about self defense and that is a very good thing my friends. I love them all. Try shutting one of them up. Go ahead, I dare you.

Keep up the good fight America. Don't be afraid of being labeled by the left. They're wrong and we're right. It is just that simple. Preach the truth and if someone takes a shot at you, you wind up and give them your best shot right back. Don't take anything from these people. This is a fight folks. What used to be called a slobber knocker. We cannot win it if we refuse to fight and we can't even get into the fight unless we become 'decisively engaged' with the enemy(did I use that phrase correctly Ed?). Gotta get in there where it's raining bloody invective and never, ever give these people a stinkin millimeter! They called this dance and it would be rude of us to refuse.

Oh and by the way. Yes, Sarah and Michelle are Warriors. Oh baby are they ever Warriors!

Saddle up.

The Six

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