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27 June 2009

Congress to Us: Screw You!!

Congress has passed Cap and Trade. Never mind the numbers, it passed and is going to the Senate. It will pass there and BHO will sign it and we'll be one step closer to servitude to the State.

It's getting late, maybe too late. My grandchildren are visiting and when I looked in on them I wondered just what kind of America we're handing them. Will it be a nation of the Free and the Brave or of the Subjugated and the Timid?

We are past the time for empty rhetoric. Past the time for True Americans to voice their opposition to this path of disaster.

This is my answer, sent to senators Feinstein and Boxer.

Dear Senator

I am an average American. I’m a veteran, a taxpayer, a husband, a father and now a grandfather. I am appalled at the course my beloved country is taking. The President seems intent on rolling back our natural rights in favor of the rule of the federal government. I have never before written to an elected representative. I have never felt the need. Until now.

I oppose Cap and Trade. I oppose the bailouts. I oppose Card Check. I oppose government run health care. I oppose more Stimulus money. I oppose ACORN and all it stands for.

Cap and Trade will cause great harm to the middle class. It will result in higher taxes and energy costs.

Card Check will create an America run by the Unions and their bought politicians. If we are truly free then let us decide such things as we have always done. Voting, for anything, is and should be a private matter. How I vote and who I vote for is no one else’s business and that includes in the matter of Unions.

Stimulus money and the bailouts burden us and our descendants with a deficit we will never be able to re-pay. We will be enslaved to whichever country invests the most money buying our debt.

Government run health care will be a catastrophe. It will take my health care out of my hands and place it in the hands of a government bureaucrat. One who does not have my best interests at heart. I will not participate in such a program. Will you eschew your own health care plan for the one being proposed for us? On that day I will openly support government run health care.

ACORN is an abomination and should have no role in government. I was appalled that those thugs in Philadelphia were given a free pass by this administration. The supporters and members of ACORN seem to have a remarkable tendency to take liberties with the voting process and that is putting it mildly. Did you imagine that no one is noticing? I assure you we have.

This is but a small sample of those policies the President, and you Representatives, are forcing on us and which I oppose. The list is far too large to encompass here but rest assured, all are important and I am paying attention.

It is not your job to cause such harm to us, the American Citizens you are supposed to be representing and you are harming us. It is your job to safeguard our Natural Rights and see to it that every American has the opportunity to succeed. Not a guarantee, an opportunity. Your job is to help keep us free.

I am an American. I am not ignorant, stupid or apathetic. I am the best person to run my own life and make decisions for myself and my family. I will not be dictated to by the President, the Senate or Congress. All of you work for me. You work for us. That is something I believe every Washington politician has forgotten so let me remind you.

The majority of Americans are just like me. We are content to let you run things as long as you do not encroach on our freedoms. We’ll pay our fair share of taxes. We’ll fight and die in our wars. We’ll shoulder the burdens of a free and open society. But we will be respected and we will be listened to. That is not happening. You are helping this President to enact legislation that will make us less free and that is anathema to all freedom loving Americans.

We are the American People and we are watching, we are paying attention and we are not happy. I urge you to re-examine your decision to support these anti-liberty policies and legislation.

Let your voice ring out to a freedom loving people that you will not allow any administration to stifle and end the liberties enjoyed by this great nation, liberties which have been paid for, many times over, by those who came before us. Put aside party politics and act on behalf of that liberty that it may continue for generations to come.

The Six
(Actually, I put in my name and hometown but I won't post that here just yet. The left is a rabid dog and I'd like to avoid the vandalism for as long as I can)


Ed Rasimus said...

Linked at ThunderTales--great letter. Too bad it won't get understood.

The Six said...

Thanks Ed. You are absolutely right. They won't understand a word of it. Had to be sent but it was a waste of electrons. If I get a response I'll post it here.