'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

19 June 2009

New Link

Ok, I found a new blogger and you're going to love him.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris. The site is Magic Negro Watch and it's absolutely great. He's not afraid to talk about anything and he hates what BHO and his band of merry usurpers are doing to America.

The first post of his I read talked about racism and buying a new car. (Hint: It's not about the car, it's about subtle racism (or not so much to an observant man) and the way it's manifest in this age of political correctness).

Which brings me back to BHO. I really don't care what someone believes or wants I just want them to be honest about it. If you're an asshole then be the best asshole you can be. Don't try and hide your assholeness behind a facade of 'all things to all people' while you're really thinking "fuck these people, I wanna screw them all". We all know you're an asshole. You're not fooling anyone so why not just be yourself?

It's because if you come right out and say "I'm an asshole, deal with it" no one will want to play with you except those who happen to love assholes.

No, I'm not talking about that you sick bastards, I'm talking about people with no self esteem who are looking for "The One" who can lead them to a land of milk and honey and will follow any asshole who promises to love them and take care of them forever. Doesn't matter if he slaps them around a little or chains them up in the basement. That just means he loves them and wants to protect them from everything. Even themselves.

All they have to do is whatever the asshole says. No such people you say? Ask the Branch Davidians. Or the followers of Jim Jones, or the Germans or..... Well you get the idea. Now it's BHO.

Here's the punchline. BHO didn't get elected by asshole lovers. Not directly anyway. He got elected by a bunch of people who fell for the bullshit being orally expelled by the BHO asshole lovers. Oh, they're all asshole lovers now, they have to be. And BHO, he loves them all right back, each and every one. Just ask him.

Of course, BHO does lie.

He never came right out and said "Hey, I'm an asshole. Vote for me". No, no. BHO is a stealth asshole. The true asshole lovers (Geitner, Biden, Ayers, Sotomayor, Wright, et al) always knew exactly what an asshole he was. They just corrupted and compromised the media to portray him as a hero and cover up his obvious extreme liberal agenda and viola! An asshole in the Oval Office. Apparently the msm is no longer a reliable asshole detector. Unless you're a conservative.

Now we're all involuntary asshole lovers and BHO is busy bitch slapping us into serfdom.

Better not say anything though. BHO might get mad. And when BHO gets mad smackdowns are laid. Just ask Gerald Walpin and the ACORN whistleblowers.

But it's Ok. BHO loves us and promises to stop the beatings just as soon as we stop making him do those things (See what you made me do?).

See how easy it is?

The Six


Ed Rasimus said...

Don't hold back, tell us what you really think! Do it so that I can shout "amen, brother!"

Spot on. The ignorati of America have gotten us here, and I don't think they hold sufficient residual intellect to get us out.

The Six said...

Thanks Ed. I agree. I'm absolutely appalled at the lack of common sense and logical thought in America. If only we could institute a voter aptitude test before one could vote!!

Anonymous said...

Tracked you back from the Magic Negro site six. Will be back. Looks like there's much in common. Meanwhile, if you want the 411 on Giaus, just check out "The Snoop Chronicles" on his site. It's basically his life story, in 5 short chapters.


Mrs. Giaus (a/k/a Ladylaw on the Rott).

The Six said...

Thanks Mrs. Giaus. Welcome and please visit us often.
I'm looking forward to reading Giaus' writings. From what I've seen he's a man to be admired. A true Warrior!