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05 June 2009

A Letter To GM

Goodbye GM. I loved you for oh so many years but I'm afraid the time has come to go our separate ways.

Listen, it's not me it's you. Oh, I know it's not all your fault but it is mostly your fault. You didn't have to take the government money only to wind up exactly where everyone knew you'd be all along. Bankruptcy court. You could have done the right thing and just filed Chapter 11 and told King O and his court of jesters to go piss up a rope. I mean you were a private company after all. I would have loved you and supported you until you could get back on your feet. You chose to prostitute yourself instead.

You took the cowardly way out and threw yourselves at the feet of a man determined to make slaves of us all. You gave yourself to him and let him have his way with you and now he's one step closer to absolute power. And you helped him.

That is not forgivable.

I've loved GM cars and trucks since I was a kid. Most of the adults I grew up around owned and worked on a Bowtie. From a 66 Caprice with a big block and console shifter to my 69 Chevelle with a 396 and 4 speed I have always been drawn to you. My first new vehicle was a 1978 GMC pickup I drove and loved. I cried when my first child was born and finances dictated I sell her. I've had your Camaro's, pickups, even my dream car, a Corvette. I still own that Corvette, a fact I'm sure you are supremely uninterested in now. I've had a Chevrolet of one kind or another for as long as I can remember.

I have spent sleepless nights worrying about you. I have watched the news with mounting horror as I saw you fall further and further into the seductive grasp of a Lothario. You've prostituted yourself to a man who does not now and never will love you as I have. A man who is using you for his own selfish aims and who will dispose of you like a used condom when your usefulness to him is finished. You have tossed me aside for the chance to be a fluff girl for pornography peddler. I have been faithful to you literally all my life. I showered you with my love, attention and money. All to no avail. You have shit on me and all those like me. The punch line is that ultimately you'll fail anyway. No decent person would want you now.

No more.

As of this minute I am done with you. No more will you be able to count on my love and support. No more will you find me wandering through your lots, planning our future together. I will, in the fullness of time, divest myself of all things GM and I will buy no more forever. Even my beloved Corvette. Though she is a remembrance of the good times, those times are now past. The very sight of her makes me sad for what was and what could have been. I will never buy a GM product again. Ever.

You were my beloved, GM. I feel nothing for you now but disgust.

I have not given up on love quite yet though. While you've been out whoring yourself I've been seeing a new girl. One I've overlooked in the past. She's sweet and sexy and a 100 percent American Girl. Her name is Ford and I think I may love her. It is her lots I have been visiting. Her cars and trucks I will be sending my money on and my time with. She's been tested and found worthy of my respect and admiration. She's my girl now. That's right. I've bought an F250 and I've got my eye on a sexy Mustang. Already the sting is not so sharp.

So, GM, this is it. The big goodbye. I'll not pretend we didn't have some great times together because we did. But you've betrayed me and I cannot get past that. It's time for me to move on.

You broke my heart GM. You broke my heart.

The Six

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