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06 July 2013

Yes, We Are In Fact Awesome Grandparents

I have been remiss. I promised pics of the kids and haven't come through. It's been hectic but joyful. 

One of my favorite things is to give the kids a chance to try new and heretofore forbidden challenges. Luckily DO has raised the kids with the attitude that you can't protect them from everything and lets us all go do fun if maybe a little hazardous stuff. Nothing life threatening. More like skinned knees and elbows hazardous. I also am of the opinion that it's best to introduce them to new activities as gently as possible lest they scare themselves silly and never try anything new again.

One of the things I promised the kids was a mini bike. We have now satisfied that promise. Well, kinda.

Behold the Razor Electric Scooter.

It's not exactly a mini bike but as far as the kids are concerned it's close enough. Yeah, it's kinda girly in color but The Boy says that's just fine as long as he gets to ride it. It's actually big enough for Lu. Not that she's short or anything (she is). I can't decide who likes it more, her or the kids. I think it's a tie.

Plus he has another excuse to wear that awesome helmet.

We have a huge driveway area, big enough for the kids to have established a racetrack. Will there be contests? There has been talk. Scooter versus bicycle and winner take all.

How cute is this?

We're going to let them get their feet wet on the razor before moving eventually up to a real motorcycle. A year or two and they'll have the skills and confidence to tackle something with some real horsepower. Hey, it's just more incentive to spend Summers at Grandma and Papa's house. Yes, we are devious!

We've been having a ball in spite of the heat. Parties, swimming every day, hikes, trail rides and now the awesome scooter. It's been a blast.

Oh, and we paid cold, hard cash for that scooter. $249.99 plus tax gouging at Wally World. A far better use of our money than anything the government could come up with, yes?


Keads said...

Cool! Can I come hang out with y'all? Looks like fun!

Six said...

We'll save you a ride Keads!

Rev. Paul said...

"A far better use of our money than anything the government could come up with, yes?"

Yes! :)

Lois Evensen said...

That looks like a heck of a lot of fun. Just love Wallyworld for these neat buys. :)

Six said...

Thanks Rev. Paul!

Too right Lois. When you need something to occupy the little ones....

instinct said...

Three words - flame paint job :D

Old NFO said...

+1 on Instinct... And y'all are spoiling those kids. :-)

Six said...

That would be awesome Instinct. The kids would love it.

Thanks NFO. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it!!

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

Wow... that's along ways from the Briggs & Stratton powered, steel-pipe-framed, no-suspension mini-bikes of my youth a few decades back...

Dann in Ohio