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09 July 2013

TSA, California And Shameful Treatment Of Our Wounded Heroes

Apparently being a severely wounded Marine Hero, and being honored as his legislative district's Veteran of the Year, means extra security scrutiny. Because it's quite obvious that wearing a Marine dress uniform with a chest full of medals, including the Purple Heart, is an indicator of terrorist activities.

The Military Times brings the story of Nathan Kemnitz. Go read the whole thing and ponder where we are and what we have become.

And the treatment by the TSA isn't even the worst of it. What he endured by the security folks at the California capitol may have been even worse. In Corpoal Kemnitz's own words.

"Kemnitz said after the incidents that he was not as annoyed with TSA officers as he was with a security screener at the California state capitol, whom he described as rude and unapologetic."

None of this is to excuse the treatment everyday Americans must endure simply to make use of the airspace, OUR airspace mind you, but it absolutely makes my blood boil to see one of those who have given so dearly to try and keep us free of the horror of War being treated so shamefully. It sickens me.

And it's my fault. I have accepted this state of affairs and allowed the creation of this attitude among those who are allegedly our public servants. I am going to be taking a zero tolerance stance from this day forward. I'll start by sending off a couple of zingers to my congressman and both senators. Not that I expect a great deal of assistance. As a veteran and member in good standing of the American Legion both the VA and the Legion will also be hearing from me. None of those I contact will ever see another dime from me nor any other assistance until the issue of wounded Vets flying, at the very least, is addressed. I'm also going to let my elected reps know that I will work actively against them should they falter or fail in protecting those men and women who have sacrificed so much to protect us. I am at that line in the sand.

This cannot stand. If any of you have suggestions please either leave them in comments or drop me a line. I'll update this post as more come in. I am as angry as I have ever been and this is hardly the first such incident, is it? It's up to us, those who are veterans and supporters of our fighting men and women to make a difference. I aim to make a stink.



Keads said...

Shameful! I'll be back when my blood pressure does back down!

Rev. Paul said...

Well said, Six. We should ALL make a stink, and then double down again.

Anonymous said...

Sign me up Six, I'll do the same from here in Kentucky. Most of the TSA employees here at KSDF are respectful when presented with military ID but I've experienced disdain at KMCO and KDEN by TSA employees. These stories hurt and anger me. I often think of Governor Joe Fosse's MOH experience with the TSA. Disgusting! Sadly, Alemaster

Brighid said...

I won't tar all of them with the same brush, but will pour it on. This is disgusting treatment, and then I made the mistake of reading the comments at the end of the article, which only made me madder.

Six said...

Thanks to you all. I have yet to receive a response to my e-mails. I think phone calls are next.

Aren't those repulsive Brighid?

instinct said...

Agreed with Brighid, the comments are almost as bad as his treatment.

TSA needs to be disbanded along with a bunch of other three letter agencies like IRS and ATF to name a few

Six said...

Agreed Instinct.