'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

28 June 2010


Lu and I went out to Ft. Ord and rode down through Monterey and into Pacific Grove to Asilomar, turned around and retraced our path. 32 miles in 2:44. It's the first time we've been beyond 25 miles. Woo Hoo! But. I'm still a long way away from the 100 in 8:30 that I need. Still, I am on course. I need to make 32.2 miles in the first 3 hours or I'll get shunted to the 100km course. I'm figuring out the maximum pace I can sustain for long rides. I'm still kinda new to this endurance stuff and feeling my way along. I need to average about 11.5 mph to make the time and I'm right at that mark.

We'll keep up the miles. I'm shooting for between 50 and 60 miles in around 4 hours on the July 7th. Then I'll take a few days of easy riding just to keep my legs in shape for the big ride on the 11th.

I was looking at the course map and elevation profiles and there's a nasty little climb at the 70 mile mark. It's category 1, 1.8 miles long with a grade that goes from 5 to 12 percent. Oh my aching legs. I'm going to be increasing my climbing preparation but I'm assuming I'm still gonna be walking a bit of that 12 percent grade.

Can he make it? Will he crash or have a massive coronary? Stay tuned.



Brigid said...

With this whole pneumonia thing I'm just hoping to do one 12 ounce curl when they pull me off the antibiotics.

I'll bee off work at least 10 days. I have a good team and they'll do fine, even if they call "Mom" from the field when she's sick.

Thanks for the note of concern.

Six said...

You're welcome and thanks for the update Brigid. I've never had to deal with Pneumonia (knock wood). That cannot be fun.

10 days away from work. Ouch.

dick said...

Dude! What in the hell are you paying car insurance for?
Forget that exercise nonsense. I get more than my share at work laying bricks, climbing ladders, and doing the books.

Six said...

But you have an actual job Dick. Even when I was working it wasn't so much actual work as driving around with an occasional fight thrown in. Now that I'm retired I'm threatening to turn into the goodyear blimp, hot gas and all. Maybe I do need to find a better use for my time.