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13 April 2010

The Violent Left

From Gateway Pundit. A republican staffer and her boyfriend are attacked and seriously injured in an attack autside an SRLC dinner.

Yeah, it's the right who are violent.

Speaking of violence. Anytime one of you punks wants to beat up a conservative or Tea Party member just go ahead and look me up. I promise you'll get the chance to see how good that free socialised medicine is.



Parrothead Jeff said...

And people think I'm just armed as a political statement. Nope. Gotta love open carry here in Nevada!

By the way, any of those goons would be stupid to try something like that out here - lots of people have their concealed permits. Attacking a conservative (or even some of the liberals) in this area would be a serious mistake.

The Six said...

These people need to learn some hard lessons I think Jeff. I loves me some Nevada. We're moving to Hurricane Utah (near St. George) in June. I can't wait to get out of California.
Welcome, by the way. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

cond0010 said...


Oh please, oh please...