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16 July 2009

A Word About Sarah Palin From A Father And Husband

Listen up you liberal children; it’s time and past time for the adults to do a little disciplining. A spanking is due and it’s coming but it does no good for a bratty child to be corrected if they don’t know what they’re being spanked for.

You Liberals are the most self deluding group of squalling children I have ever seen. You seem to believe, I mean REALLY BELIEVE that anyone who does not think like you is in a wrong headed minority. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whether they call themselves Republican, Democrat, Independent or whatever, the majority of Americans are pretty much middle of the road. We are separated primarily by our views on a very few issues but we are united by a great many more. Equality, fairness, respect, family, friends, hard work, you know, the American Way.

The Liberal attack on Sarah Palin pisses us off in a fundamental way. It attacks us at our core values; that every person should be judged by the same template. She’s being attacked for being what so many of us are, every day Americans. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hunter or not. It doesn’t matter if your kids played hockey or any sport for that matter. Ever had a special needs baby? Maybe your teenage daughter got pregnant. No? It’s happened to us and continues to happen every day. No outsiders allowed to play in the big sandbox you say. We say bullshit. Just take a seat and watch.

The argument against Sarah Palin boils down to one basic fact; she’s a conservative. Worse, she’s a Republican! It’s the truth, don’t bother to deny it. The liberal media wouldn’t have dared to attack a liberal woman the way Sarah’s been assailed. Even the idea that a woman couldn’t be a working mother would itself have come under intense media bombardment as just another proof of the Neanderthal nature of conservatives. Dear liberal children, where are the calls for reasonableness? Where are the rallies for a woman’s right to choose? Just because she chose conservatism is no reason to be shy. Come on, speak up now. No? How about a sit in protesting for open mindedness, freedom and love? Not today you say? Typical spoiled rotten childish behavior. No tantrums now. Stamping your little feet and crying about how unfair we parents are being won’t help. A spanking is coming.

I am a father and a husband. My wife got pregnant at 17. Oh the shame. We got married and did our best to muddle by. It’s been 30 years last August. My wife bore a girl child and we raised her as best we could. Were we always perfect parents? Hell no but we did the best we could. Just like most Americans. Those Americans are out there right now, speaking volumes. Can you hear them? No? Most children can’t hear Mom and Dad when they’re called in for supper, chores, homework and bed. They hear ice cream of course but little else. It’s not really their fault it’s ours. The parents. Us. We’re just going to have to fix that little thing and teach you to listen more and talk less.

My daughter is mostly conservative (I don’t want to put words in her mouth but I’ve met the girl once or twice and I think I have a fair idea of her positions and basic nature). Are you liberal children trying to tell me that she’s unqualified for higher office in this country because she has chosen to have her children and might want to have a career as well, owns and shoots guns (Oh dear again), loves her husband and kids, wears blue jeans and sweatshirts, quilts, and sometimes acts in ways you have oh so reasonably termed “white trash”? Guess again Skippy. She’s one of the smartest people I know. Way smarter than me and I’m not exactly a drooling idiot (whatever you might think). She’s been around the world. She’s served her country and continues to do so as the wife of a serving member of the armed forces. Well, he’s in the Air Force but it’s close enough (just kidding Son-In-Law). She’s raising 2 kids and taking care of a very busy household. She’s fiercely loyal to friends, family and those she loves. She’s very well read and has even explored other religions. Gasp! Say it ain’t so! I could go on and on but I won’t. The point is clear by now. I got news for you kids, she’s about ten thousand times better qualified for President (not to mention Vice President) than Obama. When you attacked Sarah you quite literally attacked my wife and daughter. Mine and a whole lot of other Americans. In doing so you unmasked yourself as the close minded, spoiled, angry children you are. You have made it clear you consider any woman not of your liberal persuasion “not qualified” to be Vice President. You also directly challenged the adults and that’s very much a no no kiddies.

We’ve been spoiling you liberal kids for too long now. It’s time to step in and do what we parents have to do from time to time, administer a little discipline. Let the spanking commence.

The first one will come in 2010. Kids, I hate to tell you this but the Democrats will lose and lose badly. It won’t even be close. You can watch all the drive by media pundits you want to. I’m sure they’ll tell you comforting things but the truth is clear to us adults. I’m sorry but Liberalism as currently practiced is a no go. It sounds all nice and gooey but the Democratic party is socialist and consorts with people we don’t think are good influences on you so No. You can’t play with them any more. Sting a little? Good.

And I’ve got even worse news for you. The American people are going to elect a woman President, probably in 2012 but for sure in 2016 and her name will not be Hillary. Her name will be Sarah Palin. Write that down and get the spelling correct, you’ll be putting it in the history books. And it’ll be us, the American adults who’ll be doing it. All colors, both genders, every socioeconomic group, every religious group. Us. The adults. Did that hurt? Good, it’s supposed to.

We don’t do this because we hate you. Quite the contrary, we do this because we love you and hold out a parents hope that you’ll see the error of your ways and become productive adults yourselves. Personally I really believe most of you are lost causes but a parent’s love knows no bounds.

Just know that this is going to hurt you a lot more than it’s going to hurt us. Still, we see no way to avoid it.

Now, go cut me a switch and you think about what you did on your way.

The Six


Anonymous said...
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The Six said...

Heh heh. What's the matter little liberal, hit too close to home? See the mighty BHO in the midst of an epic fail and contemplating the end of democratic dominance? Whine all you want, you're just an 'anonymous' coward, afraid to even put your name on your infantile post. I'll leave it here for a few days to allow the true Warriors to see the true nature of the opposition then I'll delete your worthless ass.