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24 July 2009

The Sarge On 'Stupid Police'

Bottom Line is I agree with your post about the bho comments about the " stupid police department". Now having said that lets not let anyone think that this was some kind of off hand shoot from the hip comment. This was orcheststrated from the very start, probably from the telephone call from the neighbor through the news conference. My suspicious mind is just going crazy. Let me make some observations here and remember I wasn't there so I can only say what I think. The suspect has a doctorate right? He has a chauffer, right? Don't you think that he would have access to a spare key? Access to a cell phone to call a Lock Smith which would have only taken a hour at max instead of standing on the front steps trying to "jigger" (the word is jimmy) the damn door. The act itself was orchestrated along with the question and the answer given by bho. This man (bho) is so narcissistic and so far out there we don't even know some of the shit he's capable of. He is a socialist and wants this great nation to become socialist. We need to look into these Czars he's appointing. This Jones, the green czar, is a self claimed communist and he's one of bho's friends. He has appointed at last count thirty Czars. This is the same kind of Shadow Government that Hitler setup. These people are absolutely capable of totally destroying the world as we know it. Are you and I and the DO the only ones who are seeing this? Surely Fox News sees it and is trying to get the word out. But we got so much complacency in the US that bho's administration is getting by with it. We simply cannot set idly by and let this happen. Let me know if you think I'm nuts and I'll set down and shut up. Nah I won't but I can't believe we and Fox News are the only ones seeing it.
The Sarge
In God We Trust

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Ed Rasimus said...

Went to TX CHL class yesterday. Some range time, some fingerprint/photo/notary time, and a lot of law lecture time made my day.

Interesting discovery. The several items that can each constitute disorderly conduct included "abusive or insulting language". An arrest for that gets your CHL revoked.

So, Prof. Gates couldn't have a CHL, if Mass. issued them, and the Prez would have been disqualified for a TX CHL because of his "acted stupidly" comment!--if either Washington DC or Chicago issued them.

Gotta love it!