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09 July 2009

Glenn Beck - Top Story - The Life of a Young Black Conservative

From the DO. This is a must read. This is what Hope really looks like.
The Six
The DO

Glenn Beck - Top Story - The Life of a Young Black Conservative

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Pop said...

Just finished a book by Glenn Beck called Common Sense. Great read says it like it is and will hopefully get some people off their collective asses and do something about this fucked up government. The core values of this country are in the toilet. We have a president that's going around the world apoligizing and shakeing hand with our enemeys. We have a congress that for the most part is on the take and can't even balance their own check book let alone the nations budget. The whole government is full of coruption and greed. The house speaker just ram roded the cap and trade through, and the only hope we have is the senate. But they to are on the take. We can't get the right equipment to our troops and Nancey just got several million to protect a fucking marsh mouse. I can't remember the last time I ate a marsh mouse or even ate anything that might have eaten a damn marsh mouse. California is so broke they can't pay attention and she's saving a marsh mouse. This government is so broken I don't know if we can fix it. Read the book COMMON SENSE by GLENN BECK. That explains it a whole lot better than I can.