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19 August 2013

Alternative Bicycle

I love my bikes. I'm always slavering over the latest and bestest new offerings and machinating over how to upgrade to something that costs approximately the same as an aircraft carrier. There's also some alternatives to the usual two wheels and one rider sitting atop combo most of us are familiar with. I know The MonkeyWrangler likes her recumbents though I have yet to try one.

But this is something new on me.

Talk about a bicycle built for two. I could totally see me and Lu on one of these. Maybe with a nice basket on back for Angus.

Ah, those wacky Poles.



Rawle Nyanzi said...

Certainly a motorcycle would be cooler.

Monkeywrangler said...

Six...come to the dark side! Recumbents are comfortable! And some of them are far too cool for words! Google up the name John Morciglio...


I SO want this bike!

Bag Blog said...

My husband has a couple of bikes. Now he wants a recumbent. He doesn't have enough toys yet.

Me said...

Ibis just released their 29" MTB. Less than $9K nicely outfitted. Think of how ool you can be!!!

Me said...

Or COOL, even!

Old NFO said...

All good until 'he' tries to drive... :-)