'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

24 July 2012

Catching up

-First, I'm going to go on a rant about Penn State here so please bear with me for a moment.

We've all heard the story. We all know what happened and more importantly what didn't happen and should have. Now Penn State is facing some of the toughest sanctions the NCAA has ever handed down. My take?

It's not enough. It's not even close to being enough. They should chain the doors shut, turn the the student body loose to pursue their academic interests somewhere else. Penn State should be razed to the ground, the remains burned to ash and then the land beneath salted to nothing ever grows there again. The very name Penn State should be stricken from the English language, never to be spoken again in polite company.

Yes, the current athletes and students had nothing to do with what Paterno and company did and failed to do. So what? Nothing will ever wipe this stain from Penn State. Nothing. Better if it had never been than to continue to exist knowing what happened and was allowed to happen. I've been there and I know, from the investigator sides of this particular coin, what child abuse is and does to the victims. There is simply no way Sandusky could have carried on his perversions and victimizations for literally over a decade without there being institutional knowledge. Was there denial and three monkeying going on? Assuredly but tell me the functional difference between pretending you don't know and acknowledging you do know but ignoring it. May Paterno and all the rest die in ignominy.

-The laundry room is coming along nicely. I've got it wired and the dryer installed. Plumbing later this week. I'll try and get pics posted later today for those interested.

-Bradley Wiggins won the Tour De France and it wasn't even close. Congratulations Bradley. He's the first Brit winner in it's 99 year history and when you add in 6 stage wins by Brit riders I'm thinking their riders are the absolute best in the world at the moment. Kudos to SKY cycling team and all our cycling brethren from across the pond. Well done my friends. My boy Cadel finished 7th which just proves that if you're relying on me for betting information you're going to be broke and frustrated. I can't even win at Old Maid with the kids.

-If you're going to mumble and mutter crazily to yourself in a public place do try and be aware of your surroundings. The large man watching you like a hawk is armed and now hyper aware of what you're doing and if you go off you're probably going to get curb stomped. If you're really lucky. Word to the wise hopefully being sufficient.

-Chrisi is having good days and bad. I fear we're in her final weeks. Lu starts crying every time it looks like we're there. So far she's still hanging in there but it's obvious she's having a hard time walking or even getting off the floor. She's incontinent and pretty much stays as close to Lu as she can get. I may do a post about caring for elderly dogs in the near future. Please keep a good thought for Lu and her beloved Chrisi.

Update; It's become clear today that we're now in Chrisi's last days. Lu is being as strong as she can, which is pretty damn strong, but the knowledge that she's about to lose her friend of 15 plus years is tearing her up. I'm not exactly helping as I seem to break down about every time I look at either of them. We're going to see the Vet on Friday.Oh Lord, this is going to be so hard. Again.

On the same lines. For Cindy and Tucker. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.

-On the other hand Angus has a new favorite toy. I bought him something to chase that's not a retriever bumper so it's pure toy. It's an el cheapo frisbee and he loves it. He's still trying to get the whole snatch it out of the air thing down (he tends to try to grab it in the center) but he is improving. Of course most of the time he just runs around carrying it in his mouth biting little spots in it but at least he's having a good time.

-On the gripping hand Car Guy two new kittens. Really dude, if you keep this up I'm going to send you a flower print mumu and a subscription to O magazine. Your man card is in dire jeopardy.

-Happy Pioneer Day! It's a purely Utah celebration of the founding of Utah. It's as big a celebration here as the Fourth with parades, fireworks and a holiday day off. Of course, it's been thunderstormy with flash flood inducing rains here for the last week so wish us good luck with the whole lights in the sky thing.

-With apologies to everyone else posting wonderful stuff Borepatch is On Fire! He's not leaving scorch marks he's decimating the enemy. Warning; high caliber intellect on display.

-I need a range day. Bad. It's been weeks and weeks so I'm getting the Gun smoke DTs.

Just a small glimpse into what passes for my mind these days. Man, I need a new brain.



agirlandhergun said...

I am with you on Penn State. What they allowed to happen there is nauseating. It's hard to process. I hate what that shooter in Colorado did and he should pay, big, but he is probably a little off his rocker at least, Joe P and the others, they are just cruel and sick and it is so hard to wrap my brain around it.

So sorry for Lu and her precious companion. Thinking of them both.

Six said...

Thanks Girl. It's gotten even worse with Chrisi. It's clear now that we're going to lose her within the next few days. It's so hard. I still cry over Trooper.