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02 January 2012

A Football Post

I know most of you are indifferent to the whole stick and ball sports stuff but I do follow at least football and baseball. Giants and Fortyniners. We moved to California in 1981, when the Niners were starting their amazing run and the Giants were bad with no signs of getting better. But we became fans. Games at Candlestick park. Yeah, it's as crappy as they say (though AT&T Park is wonderful).

We were young and from a state that at that time had no professional sports team. I played football in high school but my college was the Army and the Police Department. I went to my first professional sports game in the spring of 1982. The Giants played the Braves. Bob Brenly hit a grand slam but the Giants found a way to lose anyway. Someone fell off the upper tier very near our seats and was killed. It was memorable to say the least. Still, we were hooked. The Niners won 5 Superbowls and the Giants finally won it all in 2010.

The Niners are finally good again after 8 years of stinking up the league.
2003  7-9
2004  2-14
2005  4-12
2006  7-9
2007  5-11
2008  7-9
2009  8-8
2010  6-10
2011  13-3

A first round bye and a home game. Frankly I'm astounded. I predicted a rebuilding year under Harbough and no better than 5-11 or 6-10. They're playing excellent defense, have a very good kicking game and have enough offense to keep them in the game with a chance to win. It's been a winning formula so far but now it's post season time. There's at least a fair chance they'll win at home and play in the NFC championship game and that's more than I could have possibly hoped for before the season began. They don't beat themselves.

Lu and I remained Fortyniner faithful through the dark years, though I turned off more games than I watched. It got pretty painful for a while. I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do when the brass ring is within reach and the pressure has been turned all the way up. I think they'll surprise someone. Finally, a reason to watch post season football again.

Go Niners!



innominatus said...

>>>and have enough offense to keep them in the game with a chance to win.

In other words: "T O R T U R E !"

My first Giants game was late '70s, they lost to the Dodgers. I was pretty little and don't remember much. The next one was a couple seasons later, we beat the Mets. The memorable moment was a stoner a couple seats over smoking a J. The burning cherry fell off the joint and landed in his lap. Almost lit his clothes on fire and he jumped around and screamed like a girl while patting out the smoldering mess. The other two were back-to-back extra inning night games against the Expos. Got me a couple Croix du Candlestick pins for staying to the end. Then had to ride back to San Jose around midnight in the back of a '69 Firebird convertible with a broken top that wouldn't go up. I am *STILL* cold from that trip.

Go Giants!

Six said...

Anyone that faithful is a FAN Inno. Heck, I'm cold just thinking about that ride!

Ed Rasimus said...

Last year's post-season is a reminder that anything can happen in the NFL. The Packers snuck in the back door and took it all home. Don't know if that is in the cards this time around as the Pack looks pretty nicely packaged this year.

As for in-place fan behavior, I love a baseball game in person; beer, sunshine, relaxing. NFL football is better dealt with at home in front of the big-screen and without the weirdos. I did have 18 years worth of season tickets to USAFA football though when I was in Colorado Springs. The college game is worth attending.

Coop said...

Six, The fact that the 49'ers QB heading into the playoffs is Alex Smith CAN'T leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Not to mention that you're likely going to see the Saints roll into town. But you never know... The Raven's won with Trent Dilfer!

Good Luck!

BTW~ Go NY Giants!

Six said...

I agree Ed. We went to quite a few Giants games. It's laid back and fun to watch in person but I also prefer to watch football on the big screen at home. Instant replay.

Yep, Alex is the wild card Coop. I laughed when I read your thoughts about Dilfer...I keep that thought burning in my heart!
Giants-Niners in the NFC Chanpionship game? Heck Yeah!