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12 October 2009

Oh, Priscilla. You've Done It Again.

For anyone who does not know, I have dubbed the governor of california as Priscilla. Why? Because I'm The Six and I can. He's not even worthy of the acronym RINO. He's clearly DIABM. A Democrat In All But Name. Hell even RINO is an oxymoron. Republicans have been selling conservatives down the drain for decades. I was heartened during the budget debate. He was sounding like a conservative again. I was even considering giving him his name back. Now this.


When you read the article, kindly remember it's written by the leftists at california chronicle so they do a fine job of explaining just how this bill will prevent bad people from acquiring ammunition for their evil guns. Exactly how this will happen they kinda gloss over. They seem to miss the point that Nevada, Arizona and Oregon are like, right next door.

The bad guys? Yeah, they've got cars and pickups and bad ass pimp mobiles and stuff. Punks, thugs and morons they may be but most of them can at least drive a little. Or, you know, get someone who can to drive for them.  

This bill will have precisely zero impact on crime. All it will do is make it a little harder to buy ammunition for everyone. Including the law abiding who might just need some to protect their loved ones from those self same bad guys. This kind of stuff really pisses me off. It serves absolutely no purpose beyond taking us another step toward registration and ultimately confiscation. It's another nail in freedoms coffin. Hammered in by a man who pretended to be something he's clearly not. A conservative American.

Priscilla, do us all a favor. Just go ahead and join the democrat party officially. You're not fooling anyone. Put on the dress and bow down to your leftist buddies but stop calling yourself a conservative.

One more proof that my decision to register as Independant was correct. As if there was any doubt. I am The Six after all.   

I predict ammunition sales in border states to go through the roof. Anybody want to invest in a nice little ammunition shop on the california/Nevada border? Better hurry. Things in this fascist state tend to spread outward like the slime from a squashed slug.

The Six


nanc said...

He is a kennedy after all.

Ed Rasimus said...

I don't know what state you reside in, but the choice to "register as Indepedent" is either a bad one or not available. There is generally no such thing in most states as an Independent Party. You really are choosing to be unaffiliated, meaning undeclared with regard to party preference.

That's your choice, but that means you effectively withdraw from participation in the nominating process for candidates to represent your ideological preference. That's how we wind up with RINOs.

If your state is "closed" primary you are really out of the loop. If you have an "open" primary in your state you can declare party at the polls on primary elections.

Take no pride in being an "independent" because even The Six winds up being disenfranchised and stuck with tweedledum or tweedledumber on general election day.

The Six said...

Wow. You seem a little put out by my decision Ed. Ok, I'll explain but only because I respect you.
I'm not disenfranchised, I'm making a point. My point to the republicans is that if you can't find your conservative balls I won't support you. We don't end up with RINOs because of people like me, we end up with them because it's always a choice between a douche and a turd sandwich. The choice is always between the McCains and the Romneys. Conservative principals? I don't think so. Either would have been a mainstream democrat 30 years ago. Just because they have a little r next to their names doesn't make their lack of conservative ideals and moral stances any more palatable. I'm no longer interested in participating in the nomination process for republicans because I no longer believe they represent my idealogical preference. Besides Palin and Bachmann, tell me who the strong republican conservatives are Ed. Arnold? Republicans are voting for health care and cap and trade. I'm suppose to support that? I'll do the right thing at the ballot box when push comes to shove but don't expect me to support these leftist cocksuckers in republican clothing.

Pride? You damn right I'm proud. I made a moral and ethical decision that I was no longer being represented by the republican party and left it to declare myself a conservative independent. If you want to continue to pretend they're conservatives and shill for them that's an ethical decision you'll have to make for yourself but don't try and take me to task for actually following conscience and doing what I believe is the right thing.

This is the rule in California.
If you are registered to vote with a political party, you will be given a ballot for that party in a primary election.

If you are unaffiliated with any party ("decline to state" or "independent"),

You may request the ballot of the American Independent or Democratic party at the polls on February 5, 2008 or on your vote-by-mail ballot request form, or
You will be given a nonpartisan ballot, containing only the names of all candidates for nonpartisan offices and measures to be voted upon at the primary election.

Ed Rasimus said...

My point is that if you are conservative in a two-party system, you are inevitably going to find yourself totally opposed to the Dems and increasingly disappointed in the result of Reps getting elected and then being co-opted by the system. We are on precisely the same sheet of music with regard to understanding what is wrong.

But, dropping out of party politics in America means you don't get a voice in the nominating process for all level of partisan offices--with the exception of city councils and school boards that means everything in government. That's where your true conservatives are planted, watered, and grown to maturing for the national stage. When you abandon that primary system you are leaving the field of battle to the wafflers and panderers.

We do ourselves no favors by voting contrarian to "send a message" to the Republican Party. While we might not have been thrilled with the outcome of the presidential primary process the result of those folks who "sent a message" by not supporting McCain/Palin is too clear to ignore. We may not survive it.

I'm increasingly disillusioned by our political system. Where once I steadfastly defended the hundreds of thousands of office holders as being largely well-intentioned and being maligned by examples of a corrupt few, I now see the rot going much deeper.

There are still some who have not sold their souls to the devil of democracy's pandering to the lowest denominator. The problem is how to increase their numbers and get a return to a more principled class of candidate. Where can we find a Jefferson or Washington, Lincoln or Reagan?

Discussion of details in areas where we enjoy almost total agreement is a joyful noise to my ears!

The Six said...

You have a good point Ed. I will carefully consider your words. I respect your views on this and it may be that my logic is flawed.
If I'm not on the republican rolls then I cannot support someone in the primary who might be a difference maker. I get that but the problem for me is that, with a very few exceptions, I'm just not seeing these people.
My message was dropping from the republican rolls in a non-election year. Let me skull this. Perhaps there is a better way.

Thanks for weighing in Ed. I'll let you know what I decide.

The Six said...

I almost forgot. Welcome aboard Nanc. Glad you stopped by and thanks for commenting.
Yeah, I guess kennedyism is infectious after all.

nanc said...

I'm a recovering californistinian...40+ years...and have been trying to see the difference between him and jerry brown!

nanc said...

p.s. live in arkansas now. whew!

Pop said...

I registared in Utah as a Independant thinking I could vote for who ever I wanted when ever I wanted. I better go check the rules you've opened a whole new can of worms. But I enjoy the fishing so I need the worms. I THINK I can vote for who I want but I better go check. I enjoyed the disscusion.

The Six said...

nanc. As far as I can tell there is no practical difference. I'm jealous. We've got a house in Utah (Hi Pop!) but the job is still tying me here. I'm guessing you're loving Arkansas. Can you send me some ammo? :)

Pop. Yeah. Ed is making me reconsider. I haven't yet made up my mind but I have some time still. Dang this thinky stuff!

The Six said...

Shame on me nanc. I've got you linked. Glad to add you to the Warrior roll.

nanc said...

Ammo is in short supply here as we're approaching hunting season - of course, if I had my druthers, I'd feed the deer into my freezer! Lord knows we spend enough on feed for them - and the crows, but I've never liked eating crow...THANKX 4 THE LINK!

...you may wish to visit my other family blog where you can keep up on our antics...