'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

02 October 2009

As A Mom...

The Six has talked about womens role in the debacle we call the "Political Conversation" of late. I'd like to introduce you to a whole bunch more of them:

As A Mom, "A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots"

So here is my personal stance:
As a mom my primary concern is the safety and prosperity of my children.
As a mom I'm not convinced that the US is the best place for my children's future.
As a mom I'm willing to fight to attain what is best for my children.
As a mom I'm willing to fight for my country, to MAKE it the best place for my children.
As a mom, I'm not a rasist, I couldn't care less what color skin politicians have; what I care about is the actions that are taken and their consequences.
As a mom I'm to the point where I feel like my back is against the wall and I have no where to run, there's no where to go to defend my way of life and what I believe in.
As a mom I'm afraid for what the government will force upon myself and my children. Will the Pledge of Allegience give way to the Pledge to Obama?

But as a mom, I see hope in the linking of hands against this "Tyranny of Change".
As a mom I will teach my children how to sew, to garden and to save, because it's the self reliant thing to do.
As a mom I will teach them how this country began, why it began and I will teach them the truth behind the freedoms we hold.
As a mom I will not run from my responsibilty to be the teeth and claws defending my childrens future.

So, yes, I will take a pledge.

I pledge to no longer watch television and movies that promote Hollywood power and, in turn, promotes the Hollywood ideal of my country.
I pledge to no longer expose my children stories where everyone wins, and instead teach them strive to win, to lose with dignity, and to fight for what they want.
I pledge to forcefully call to task those that threaten my childrens futures with overburdened debt, nonexistent ethics and a disregard for morality.

I pledge allegience to the constitution that created my country, to the ideals of my forefathers and to those that fight to defend the same.

The DO


The Six said...

Nice job DO.

The Six said...

BTW. I linked to Mommy patriots. Great site.