'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

06 August 2009

A Friend I've Never Met

You may or may not know that in addition to my many other manly pursuits such, as motorcycles, dogs, big trucks and lots of guns, The Six is an avid bicyclist. I got turned on to a site called Fat Cyclist by the DO a couple of years ago. I'm a fan of his writing, his riding and his passion to find a cure for cancer.

See Fatty's (he goes by the moniker Fatty though in reality he's not fat at all. Well, not as fat as say...me. But that's another story.) wife Susan is waging a moving fight against this vile and evil disease. A fight she's losing.

Why vile and evil? Because this disease is one which recognizes to gender, race, religion or age. Kids, senior citizens, men, women, all are open to attack. It robs one of strength, lucidity, money and ultimately maybe life itself. Even now it is robbing Fatty of his wife and his children of their mother. It is a foul disease. My thoughts and prayers are with them. Say it with me please.

Fatty, through his association with the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Lance Armstrong Foundation: LIVESTRONG Challenge - Home, is fighting the good fight to find a cure. This is a fight that crosses all boundaries. One everybody, no matter their political proclivities, can get behind and support. Virtually every person out there has been touched by this disease in some way. This is a fight we simply cannot afford to ignore. Or lose.

I've never personally met Fatty and almost certainly never will but through his moving (and usually quite funny, Fatty is a gifted writer) writing I've come to know him and his family a bit. I consider him a Friend I've Never Met and I'd like for you to do so as well. Susan's fight and Fatty's struggles to care for her are...how else to say it? Heroic. I greatly admire Fatty and his family and circle of close friends.

I know times are difficult. Many of us have suffered financial setbacks. Many are on fixed incomes. But if you can, please click the link above, visit the Lance Armstrong Foundation and make a donation to help in the fight against cancer. Mrs. Six and I have done so and will again. Visit Fatty's site and leave a word of encouragement.

To My Friend Fatty, Susan, their kids, family and friends. The thoughts and prayers of the Warrior family go out to you. May you find peace in this hardest of times and may you succeed in defeating this enemy.

Thank you my friends.
The Six

Susan died on August 5th at 7:25 PM. Fatty reminds us that she did not lose, her part in the fight is simply over. The fight goes on.
God Speed Susan.

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