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17 December 2013

3 Gun Pics. Now With More Suck!

You asked for 'em, you got 'em. Well, you didn't ask for them but narcissism and a strong tendency toward self humiliation kinda require my posting them. Just wait for the videos. Then you'll really see some humiliation! In random order with commentary amounting to "I think" and "What stage was that?" and "Tell me again why exactly you took that picture? Have you no shame?" As always click to embiggen.

I think that was Stage 3, the second one we shot. Yeah, it's all mixed up. We shot stages 2,3,4 and 5 on day 1 and stages 6,7,8 and 9 on day 2. Then stages 1 and 10 on day 3. Confusing for someone already suffering from a few too many head injuries as it is. Note please the mud. The day started out cold as a well diggers....bum. Or something. The ground was frozen. Then the day warmed. Slightly. Just enough to turn it into a sea of mud. Quite fun actually.

We shot from platforms, rifle and pistol.

Running the 870. Take a good look as that didn't last very long.

AR with an Aimpoint red dot. I was decidedly Meh about that optic. The scope was a better choice. Note please the surplus M14 mag pouch. Another really bright choice. I need a keeper.

I wanna say Stage 5. Shotgun and rifle, then a quick trip through the pit of despair...

Across the slack line... (Still looking cool. That's important)

To the pistol bay. 5-11s and a black mock turtleneck. It just doesn't get more stylish than that.

I think this was my last stage with the Aimpoint. Please note the presence of those tires on the right there.

Yep. Dragging 'em. Yah mule! Yah!

All the way across the road to the pistol bay.

Note please that large pipe on the right, near the top of the berm.

But first a spinner. One of two in the match. I tanked both of them, adding 120 seconds to my time in penalties. I could get them soooo close but not quite over. Next time a .300 Win Mag. Or maybe some C-4.

Up the berm, through the pipe and down the other side. 870 clutched safely in hand.

Shooting a pump shotgun through tires is one thing...

Doing it whilst twisted into a knot, one handed, is something else. I look cool though, don't I? Wait, don't answer that.

Day two and here came the snow. Man was it cold. Me and a buddy planning strategeries and plotting revenge at the shoot house. But mostly just walking around, trying not to freeze to death.

By this point it had been snowing all day and I was mostly trying to avoid becoming a sequel in The Zombie Snowman Story: Part VII, The Freezening.

We were laughing here because the 870 had pretty much become a lump of inert metal and wood by this point. Laughing at me and not with me you understand. And I've completely lost track of which stage this was. 7 (below) I believe.

Last stage of the day. I'd just run through The Obstacle Course, differentiated from all the no capitol letter obstacle courses only in length and amount of snow accumulated on clothing. I had also switched to the 3x9 for the rifle somewhere along the line. Stuff got a little hazy there for a while. Cannibalism was discussed. I'll say no more.

Last shot on the last stage of the day (9 if my math is correct and it probably isn't). Note the empty holster and ear muffs. I started out wearing plugs but as the temps dipped so did my desire for a proper cheek weld. I wore the muffs for about a week afterward. In fact, I think I still have them on. I have no idea where the Sig went. Lu handed it back to me afterward so I'm assuming everything is cool.

Yes, the suckage was strong with me that weekend. Still, it could have been worse. I don't know how exactly but I am assured by Top Men that is could have and who am I to argue? A guy with a frozen 870 and a 101st place finish, that's who.

Video tomorrow if I can figure out how to post them.

Oh DO...... Have I got a job for you!



Brighid said...

Not making fun of you, but lov'n your post. Funny and informative, what more could one want. Thank You!

Monkeywrangler said...

It looks like a wonderful competition, Six. You did way better than I would have done! I want to know how you managed to keep the pants so CLEAN with all the crawling around on your hands and knees in the mud--I need to buy the Monkeys suits of clothing made from that fabric! Maybe THAN would keep them clean...


Murphy's Law said...

Hey man...you showed up there and you completed the course. That makes you more of a winner than everyone else who didn't. Onward and upward.

Rev. Paul said...

"The Freezening" ... heh. But what Murphy's Law said.

Six said...

Thanks and you can make fun of my anytime Brighid :) If you can't laugh at your friends who can you laugh at? Besides, I invite mockery!!

Thank you MW. Magical pants!!

Thanks ML. I keep telling myself that!!

Thanks Rev. It was coooold!

Old NFO said...

+1 on Murph! You got out there and DID it... I would have probably been whimpering in the fireplace trying to stay warm!!!